“Oh no, there goes Tokyo.  Go, Go, Godzilla”  Blue Oyster Cult.  This band has had many chart topping hits but the one tune that will stick to them forever is Godzilla.  And the old film with Raymond Burr as the main character, the American reporter on the spot, remains popular in Japan.  So popular, in fact, they did a remake a few years back.  Of course there were the spin-offs with Godzilla showing some patriotism and fighting monsters bent on harming Japan, although where was he when Fukushima did the reactor melt down act?  Ah, atomic power monsters.  Apparently if radiation is all you have then you’re not much of a threat.

Now that “Global Warming” has died a natural death we can continue with our “Do Something” about climate change campaign.  Seems that the climate is no longer to our liking, or at least for a few, for most individuals appear to be blissfully unaware that change in climate is occurring and wouldn’t care if it does, so we have a consensus of a few scientists that believe we need to take action.  A few measurements over a very short range of time should be enough to convince every individual on the face of this planet that we need to do X and Y and Z.   The last ice age ended some ten thousand years ago and had lasted a little over two and a half million years.  there are theories as to what sets off an ice age and the distribution of ice has varied as far as climate scientists can tell.  There were no eye witness reports, only remains from which we tease out the clues and form out theories or guesses.  Of course more than four hundred years ago we had a mini ice age.  While there was no reporting of temperatures, cloud formation, and the like, we do have evidence in geological studies and painting by Dutch masters.  While glass making had been known in far earlier times, no one had thought to make glass sheets.  One of the old procedures for making a sheet of glass was to pour the molten glass onto molten lead.  thus the heat from the lead was sufficient to cause the glass to spread and thin itself by doing so.  This procedure limited the size of the glass plate and the process was hardly healthful to the glass makers.  Glass blowers tend to have higher mortality rates even today.

On the one hand we have a massive sheer of ice slipping off a part of Antarctica that is supposedly caused by global warming and on the other hand we have more ice forming on that continent.  A puzzling predicament.  And we seem to have a great deal more volcanic activity this decade.  One may wonder if the massive earthquake off Japan which caused the earth’s axis to shift a degree or two was the cause for what we are now seeing?  There is a lot of interactions were have not factored in and many we do not know exist, yet all fingers seem to point to greenhouse gases made by man.  I would not care to put my money on single cause theories.  And while a few of the more strident global warming scientists have salted, cooked and faked the data to win their case, we must be careful of those who are willing to do the same for a charge of mankind causing harmful climate change.  This year it should be noted that were are going through quite a lot of sun spot activity and the power of the releases in that solar activity have been very strong, stronger than what has been previously recorded.

Of course we should be reducing the pollution levels and the toxic waste.  China is the poster boy for that cause.  Its rate of industrialization and urbanization have caused massive pollution problems and massive toxic waste problems.  So much of this has been made possible by the financial engineering of excessive debt, excessive consumption, and increased monetary interference.  Fiat money is only backed by the promise of those who use it to honor its use.  Our own currency is only Federal Reserve notes backed by more notes.  It is debt without asset backing.  And, for the most part, electronic bits, ones and zeros stored in computers, are used as currency.  How many of us pay cash for anything now days?  Brings to mind more lyrics from the above mentioned song.  “History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of men.  Godzilla!”


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