Voter Identification Cards

Tomorrow is election day and some states require an approved identification card that has a photograph of the card holder and a legal address.  This is usually a drivers license.  In Texas one may use a passport or a concealed carry permit.  But most will reject a student identification card and many political pundits find that objectionable.  I understand that in many states in order to obtain a drivers license not only must one pass the written and physical tests but also provide a birth certificate.  This is for the first time driver even if the age is over 16.  Ms Ginsberg of the Supreme court seems to believe that this is too great a burden upon the poor.  She goes further to say that this is extreme discrimination against a black population.  I believe she is wrong.  Progressives and liberals cite the disadvantage the poor have, particularly those in black and Hispanic ghettos, in traveling to city government offices and of contacting state government offices to obtain a birth certificate and an official photo id card.  I suppose if the state and local government came to them that argument might be abolished.

But what about those who have made those arrangements for themselves and obtained their photo id cards, namely drivers license?  One doesn’t need to own a vehicle in order to take the written test for the license and most can borrow a vehicle from family or friend to take the physical test.  But these people have money and live in the better parts of town.  Ah, their is part of the fallacy of thinking on the left.  Last time I went through a ghetto I saw lots of automobiles and trucks being driven by what I suppose what the local population and a great many parked in the driveways or along the curb.  So I assume that there were many who did make the effort to obtain their drivers license.  That means that lack of sufficient id or any id is confined to the few, not the many.  And if this few are on some social help program then I must question how it is that they were able to qualify for that program without providing some type of acceptable identification?  Yes, children can qualify through a parent, for it is through the parent that aid is provided.  Welfare checks and debit cards are not given to children but to their parent.  And children do not vote in elections.  But they do attend public schools and the public school usually requires a birth certificate and immunization records.

Well, then, shouldn’t a college or university identification card be good enough?  In all the decades that I went through a university or college enrollment process, and that spans from 1970 to present, I was only required to show a drivers license or public utility bill to establish residence requirements.  In those states that do not require proof of citizenship or birth certificates one can obtain as many drivers licenses as one wishes.  Here in Texas one must show proof of residence by showing a public utility bill (not a mobile phone bill) such as a water, electric, or gas service.  One also has to show personal id such as a birth certificate and one photo id such as a drivers license or valid passport.  I see not problem with that requirement.  I could have also used a concealed carry permit which means that I had to submit to a criminal background check.  But to apply to a college or university I have only had to prove my residency, never my personal identification.  So in those states where I can fake my id by applying for a drivers license with no more than having to show a water bill to establish residence, what good is that college or university id card?  I can be an illegal alien attending classes and use my student id card to vote in elections when I am not a citizen.  I think that is voter fraud.

Is there a remedy to this problem?  Yes there is, let all those progressive and liberal people contribute time and money to get all those individuals without proper photo ids to obtain them.  Besides, it should be required for any welfare program assistance.  That is the remedy.  It also means that when it comes to employment and the applicant needs to show residency due to federal government and state government requirements these formerly disenfranchised will have the proper identification to apply for work.  Europe has its national id cards,  If I want to live in France or any other EU country I will need to apply for the right to reside in that country.  It is a residency card that is obtained after I have obtained a one year visa.  It is my national id card.  I am not a citizen of France but I can show a right to live in France for more that three months in a rolling six month period.  I cannot complain that I do not speak the language and thus should be given a pass.  I am expected to comply with their laws and regulations and pay what ever taxes are due.  And I am expected to learn their language at least well enough to get along in their country.

So voter identification cards are the least of our problems.  The good judge is very wrong on that issue.  Instead, she had better be concerned with voter fraud.  Quite frankly I would like to be able to slide my photo id card, which would have a smart chip in it, into the voting machine and have that machine not only identify me but print out a record of how I voted.  Any discrepancy would be immediately attended to on the spot.  Right now with the electronic voting machines it is all too easy to rig the vote.  And yes, that has happened this year.  To keep tampering to a very bare minimum I would suggest that those who tampered or allowed the tampering to be held criminally liable and their political party barred for a period of twelve years from organizing in that precinct.  And the state party should be heavily fined.  The ideal of individuals casting a ballot is that they vote for their interests and serve as an individual check and balance on the population at large.  That is what having a say in the governing of this country is about.


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