News Of The World And Other Worries

I seldom watch news shows or listen to talk radio, the news is always packaged to fit what the viewer or listener wants to hear.  And I have often wondered how anyone could listen to Howard Stern let alone want to hear his stick.  Of course Jon Stewart has taken shock jock in the direction of comedy claiming that he speaks truth to power when he only regurgitates stupidity to idiots.  It is depressing to think that we have a generation of individuals who have only gotten their news source from a Hollywood talking head.  But then I recall the film, Network where in one of the scenes the fictional newscaster Howard Beale sums up the state of affairs for those who were born in the late fifties and after.  They were the first generation to grow up with television as their main source of reference.  The film was made in 1976 and the statistics quoted are correct.  Newspapers and magazines have all but disappeared from modern households.  Fewer and fewer individuals buy books and libraries are almost deserted in many cities.

So where do I get my news?  Well, there is Yahoo, although it is merely a search engine that retrieves news articles according to what I click on to read.  But a great many of those articles are from the Huffington Post or NY Times, hardly the most reliable or truthful publications.  Occasionally other news sources filter through and I get a better or at least more complete picture of local, national, and world affairs.  A couple of the financial blogs I read every day have news items that are missing or deliberately not presented by the mainstream media.  But the noble profession of journalism has been anything but noble.  Yes, journalism has always been about who, what, where, when, how, and why, but it the rush to report it first it is not always reported right.  And that last adjective, why, has always be subjected to the reporter’s or editor’s belief system.  Events are shaped through the molds of our thoughts which are molded by our sets of beliefs, the ideals we hold true.

But somewhere along the trip from past to present we have lost our way.  What had been hailed as loyal opposition has become the objects of our destruction.  The latest controversy concerning ACA in which an MIT economics professor has been shown in various videos the need to deceive the American people so that a national healthcare bill could get passed, this is a most distressing proposition.  That so many politicians approved of that idea that by lying to the people they were best representing their interests.  Has the politics of the progressive liberal come to that moral point where the end justifies the means?  We seem to be confronted at every turn by this need to lie to us.  We are told that we must celebrate diversity, but should we wish to profess some religious belief we are ostracized and belittled.  Our religions must become secular humanist so that they will not offend anyone.  We must believe in the power and intelligence of big government because big government is the wisest institution in the world.  Yet we see corruption and incompetence at every level of government.  Clearly we have a problem.  It has been estimated that in our federal government alone there are in excess of ten thousand laws, many of which are conflicting.  Where is the outrage among our leaders?  Who is leading the reform?

I have never seen any candidate for political office run on a platform that included reforming our legal system.  True, some have made a point of wanting to reduce government but that is not the same as wanting to tackle the morass of existing legislation and regulation.  Perhaps the problem has come from not recognizing legal principle over the minutiae of written word.  One might think that Thou Shall Not Steal would cover just about everything.  But our law schools produce experts in semantics to the point that one of our presidents, a law school graduate, strove to obfuscate a legal point by asking what does is mean?  Brings to mind that Supreme Court Justice who said,”I don’t have a legal definition of pornography but I know it when I see it.”  I don’t know what is is but I know it when I use that word.  Yes, we all want justice even if we can nether articulate nor define it.  Some want Justice for Michael Brown.  Others say he got the justice he deserved.  So we play fast and loose with our own precepts of Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life when it suits our purpose but cry foul when others do the same.  And when others point out of own failure of moral integrity we hollar like stuck pigs in presumed moral indignation.  Woe is us, brother.

We have left our freedoms and our responsibilities behind for the promise that big government will solve our problems and provide the answers and solutions to every problem.  Yet we scream about special interests taking over our government.  Big corporations with deep pockets buying our politicians is evil yet we approve unions of doing the same.  Progressive liberals and radicals push for unionizing unskilled labor earning minimum wage because they do not earn enough.  Only as we see more and more unions drive their membership into unemployment and more capital and more automation becomes the corporate answer to rising union wages.  I suppose that when all Americans are represented by unions we may have to strike against ourselves for higher wages and better working conditions.  And then we will have only ourselves to blame if we can’t come to an agreement.  Now that is a deadly thought!

Back to the moral of this blog.  You can lead an individual to a truth but you can’t make him believe it.  Just about sums up the news media and those who will indiscriminately believe what is put forth.


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