Ferguson And Beyond

Stupidity knows no bounds.  To say that the legal system did not work and there is no justice is to engage in boundless stupidity.  Michael Brown was not some poor, defenseless, innocent black child.  He was a tall and muscular black man.  At six feet four inches and about 250 pounds he could never be describe as a child.  While his mother claims he was a gentle and peaceful child his behavior contradicts those statements for he did commit a strong-armed petty robbery and physically assault a Ferguson police officer.  Those two crimes, what would be called felonies in every state of the union, should make it clear that he was not the poor little innocent black child murdered fouly by a bad cop.  Yet our liberal media and most of our black communities seek to have use believe this delusional crap trap.

And how is it that justice was not served?  According to white liberals and black activists justice could only be served if the police officer, Darin Wilson, had been immediately arrested, tried, convicted, and jailed for life all within a week, at most, of this “Crime Against Black People”.  What happened to that American precept in law, and it is American for even the British legal system does not go quite as far, that an individual accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty?  We do not convict people because society thinks them guilty, we must prove their guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt.  The legal system we created at the founding of our country by constitutional law was deliberate in its implications of a more fair justice system.  We are a common law community when it comes to legal rights and torts (legal wrongs) and how we redress grievances in law.  Our constitution gives us that great concept of rule of law, a manner in which every individual, including non citizens, have equal access to the bar of law.  True, our system has had and still has its corruptions that make one wonder, but in the whole, the system works.  We do not have mob rule nor do we have autocrats issuing fiats indiscriminately.  Justice, in our legal system, is that process of providing redress whether in torts or crimes.

So many of us have never been taught that at the bar of law justice demands that we come with clean hands before it.  If you want the legal system to work you can’t come before it and game it then cry that you have no justice.  There are no short cuts to justice.  If you didn’t like the grand jury decision, so what?  They met, considered the evidence before them and delivered a judgment and returned a no true bill.  But the jury was 75% white and Ferguson is 67% black, that jury composition isn’t fair.  The grand jury is a county organization and St. Louis County is 76% white.  Ferguson did not have its own grand jury or city district attorney.  Well, but the DA in charge was biased, his father was a police officer who was killed by a man who was committing a crime.  Where’s the bias?  Well, his questioning wasn’t tough enough.  Perhaps, but there is a difference between a grand jury investigation, and note that it was an investigation and not a trial, and a criminal trial.  The point of the grand jury investigation is whether enough evidence, both physical and witness, is available to support a charge that a crime has been committed and action should be brought against an individual or individuals.  White liberals and black activists wanted a criminal trial to discover guilt or innocence.  Well, with all of their propaganda efforts one would have great difficulty in finding anyone who had not formed an opinion about Darin Wilson’s actions.

The idea that somehow a criminal trial would have answers far more questions and led to the conclusion that Officer Wilson was guilty of some malfeasance is absurd.  First of all, the defense would have ripped to shreds so much of the false testimony and shown that much of it was motivated by racial hatred towards whites.  Remember, the rules are different and assuming one could find a competent jury, the DA now must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Wilson was guilt of anything but bad judgement.  That trial may have taken well over a year to come to court and the number of people who would have been affected adversely would have been numerous.  And don’t forget that there would have been a great expense involved to the public.  The county may have paid, but the public is taxed to support those expenses.  And of course I am sure that Al Sharpton would object unless the jury was all black.  Yet any higher court would have thrown out any verdict reached by such a kangaroo court.  The fact is, any verdict other than guilty would have been objectionable to the white liberals and black activists.  Now the day we let these mobs of idiots run our country is the day we run down the road to fascism.

The other point being that I don’t see Al Sharpton running to Chicago where a great many more teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19 are killed every year.  So far this year the Chicago police have shot and killed four black teenagers.  Where’s the outrage?  If you are a black man you are 94% more likely to be killed by a black man.  Your chances of being killed by a cop is only 8%.  Yes, we have rogue cops and cops who are acting beyond the scope of their duties.  No system is perfect.  But to claim that the system is racist is a load of crap.  The fact is, so many young black males have a problem with their attitudes towards white and towards police more so.  Ever since the film industry started pushing the anti hero, the one who shows disrespect to authority because he can, we have travelled down the road to social corruption.  Vietnam War protests were far more about disrespect to authority than ending the war.  So much of our entertainment industry has concentrated on disrespect to authority.  When you engage in mob violence as a means of protest and you get your head cracked by an “authority figure” you have no complaint.  Your civil rights were not violated, society’s rights were violated by you.  You have failed to come to the bar of justice with clean hands.  You rant and rave about the injustice of the system but it is you who have created that injustice, not the system.

So much of the “folklore” of protest seems to be centered on how much disruption is really petition for the redress of grievances.  When you act as a mob, no matter how disciplined you are, you are still acting as a mob and your methods for social change and legal redress are based on mob rule, not rule of law.  Mob rule is totalitarian, in neither permits nor respects dissent.  One may not think any different from the mob.  But, you say, we are not a mob.  We are peaceful protesters trying to raise awareness of injustice.  Did you interfere with my right to pursue my affairs?  Did you block the roads, occupy offices and prevent the affairs of government or other institutions to function?  If so, then you are a mob and you seek change not through the valid political channels but through intimidation.  Intimidation is the threat of violence and it shows that those using such tactics have no respect for laws and legal authority.  Your intentions may be good but the consequences of your actions show otherwise.  Michael Brown was a dumb punk, a thug, someone with a gansta mindset.  He was and will never be a hero.  To believe so is to believe in fantasy.


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