The New Racism

What the hell is going on in this country?  Somehow if one is white and does not have black friends one is considered racist or at least racist leaning.  If one does not acknowledge the role one’s ancestors may have had in the slavery of blacks one must be racist according to a black comedian/actor.  Any time a black is shot by a white cop it is an act or racism and police brutality.  The higher rates of unemployment is due to white racism.  White racism is worse that it was before the Civil War according to many black activists.  Can you believe this crap?  Has stupidity brought the black activists to such a low state of ignorance and idiocy?

I took one of those test the other day that was suppose to measure my racial intolerance or suppose racist tendency.  How did I score?  Well, since I do not have any black friends I am strongly tied to white values and relationships.  When I was in the service I had black acquaintances.  I was only in for four years and thus not a lifer and thus not likely to form any long term relationships with white or black or hispanic or asian members of the military.  Did I have good relationships with those of other cultures?  Yes, in so far as was possible.  And when I worked for the telephone company I was often paired with members of different ethnic groups.  Gil Lemos, who was hispanic or Latino, take your pick, was a friend and we often found many topics to talk about.  Archeology and history of Mexico and South America was our strong suit.  When it came to blacks on the job, I never had a problem accepting them although I noticed a reluctance on their part to accept me.  When I was living in one apartment complex I was friends with a mixed couple.  He was a former Marine and then a truck driver.  He was also  black man married to a white woman.  I did not think much about their situation, I simply accepted it on face value.

Later on I married a woman who had two black children by a former marriage.  She was hispanic and her former husband and father of her children was black.  I had no problem with that at all,  I was too old for them to even think of calling me daddy and I respected who they were.  In fact, I never thought of them as black.  We lived in a mostly white middle class neighborhood where there were only a couple of black families.  My wife picked the neighborhood because she wanted a new house in a good neighborhood.  My offer of friendship to others, whether it is to whites, black, or other ethnic groups has always been open.  I seldom judge a man or woman by their suppose race unless they demand that judgment.  And most of the whites I deal with have that same attitude.  So what is all this bullcrap about?

Most of the blacks I have interacted with are not those who live in the ghettos or poor neighborhoods.  Most have seen the need for education, for college degrees, and who have faced the challenges not as black men or women but as individuals engaged in living life as best they can.  I have a couple of Indian friendships that were based on mutual respect.  These individuals were surprised that I took an interest in Indian history and culture along with other areas of knowledge.  These common interests form a basic bond.  I have read quire a bit on black history and taken a coursework at the university level.  I am aware of the struggle and what it entails.  I am no stranger to alienation nor disrespect, I have experienced such attitudes in my own life.  So why is it my fault that those in the worst neighborhoods have difficulty accepting responsibility for their decisions in life?

Yeah, so you had it hard in life, what do you want, a medal or a chest to pin it on?  I have been broke and even bankrupt several times in my life.  I have even been homeless.  I have been a high school dropout.  I have had to beg for work.  I know quite about the vicissitudes of life and the pain and suffering of several bad marriages and divorces.  Yet I have made it my work, my salvation to obtain education, both formal and informal, to obtain what employment I could and make the best of it.  I don’t understanding how blaming others for your short comings, your bad decisions, your lack of spine in life is somehow my fault.  So your grandparents may have been slaves.  So what!  Does that entitle you to some consideration and compensation?  How did you derive that fact?  If anything, that belongs to your ancestors and not you.  Has demographic shits created segregated schools districts.  How is that due to racism?  And why does it matter?  As I recall, when the black community before all the lawsuits for integrated schools occurred, plenty of black schools produced excellent results in education.  The black community believed in education and achievement in education.  Now it whines if  its students are not given superior advantage in the education system.  They complain if there are not enough set asides for their students.  One does not need to study and achieve superior results, one just needs to be the right color or ethnic background and one has a seat in coursework that one is not prepared to compete.  Oh, but that is a racist idea, isn’t it?  If black parents do not require their children to do well in school, if black parents think that their sons and daughters should be entitled to quotas regardless of ability, then they condemn their children to failure and it is not racist when the children fail.  So to all those black activists, a word of warning.  You can’t bullshit life.


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