Ending World Child Hunger on $19 A Month

You know, it really is time to turn the television off.  Every time I time I turn around while trying to watch some movie I am subjected to extremely emotional appeals for money to save the animals, save the children, and save god knows what.  It seems that one need only give nineteen dollars a month and the animals and children and whatever else will be saved.  That is the problem, all those innocent beings needing vast organizations to save them from death.  What was once charity is now professional non for profit ,except for the board of trustees, the executive management, and most of the administration, organizations.  We are told how innocent all these beings are and how we need to save them from a fate worse than death.

Well, let us take the case of animals.  So many of our cities, suburbs, and farm land is overrun with unwanted animals.  If someone bought a puppy or a kitten, or worse yet, several, and then decided that they didn’t want them any more there are two courses of action.  Take the animals to the pound or take them for a ride into the farmland.  Surely these animals can learn to hunt for themselves.  Except for cat, which are feral by nature, dogs are purely social animals and need to belong to packs that are, more or less self sufficient.  And let us not forget about all those wonderful exotic snakes, fish, and other reptiles that were so cute as babies and now have become dangerous to the owners.  Just dump these unwanted pests and nature will take care of them.  I am particularly aggrieved by those who feed the feral cats and make no attempt to have them spade or neutered.  The idea that animals are anthropomorphic and thus imbued with innocence is absurd.  They are neither innocent nor guilty of anything but failing to provide for themselves in a natural setting.  I have seen no save the starving coyote packs.  These wild dogs are dangerous and not able to be domesticated.  Nor do we really want a save the mountain lion campaign, what shall we feed them, dry cat food?  There is no free lunch in nature, it is a simple live or die arrangement for the animals and man.

Well, what about all those starving children.  Do I know why they are starving?  It’s not because I am not feeding them.  When men and women copulate and have children whom they cannot feed, why is it my responsibility to pony up that $19 a month to do it for mam and dad?  How did I get appointed the breadwinner for all these families where birth control is an after thought if that?  Yes, dying from starvation is hardly a hardly a pleasant experience but it is the consequence of the actions wither of others, such as the parents, or yourself for failing to find a way to provide for yourself.  Yeah, so we have homeless, so what?  How did they get there?  What actions did they take or not take that led them to that condition.  And why is it incumbent on me to foot the bill for their continued existence?  My god, if I gave enough to save the few and then the hundreds what is left for me and how does that keep me from becoming one of them?  And why haven’t these homeless taken responsibility for their own actions?  The parallel is animals in a natural setting.  Why should humans get a free lunch and animals, unless they are of the more domesticated variety, get a free pass in this world?

But back to those starving children.  So right now their brains are not going through the normal growth rates due to starvation and malnutrition which means that their brains at adulthood will always be underdeveloped.  What have we saved?  More humans that need more care in the world to survive.  We are raising young adults who will learn dependency and possible violence as a way of life because their brain development and their social and emotional development will always be stunted.  Is this a mercy?  Do we save human beings just to warehouse them just so their lives can display the glory of god or some liberal or progressive doctrine?  Is this what life represents.  Every child is sacred even if he or she becomes a member of that underclass of society that needs to be warehoused because they can’t do for themselves?  Where is the glory of a christian god who delights in overpopulation and poverty?  What is the glory of a liberal progressive doctrine where abortion on demand is the ultimate good but if a child makes it beyond that point it must be saved from starvation due to overpopulation and social attitudes that ignore consequences of personal action?

All of these programs: Save The Children, UNICEF, ASPCA, and the rest, seek money that distorts the reality of life.  They seek to extract, or better yet, extort money from people under the guise of helping humanity when all that is happening is that so many skim off the top and what reaches those in need is a tiny fraction of what is collected.  No, you don’t need my money.  And your “clients” don’t need my money.  They need to do for themselves because that is the natural order of life.  It is not cruel and unusual, it is not a social right of those in need.  They have failed in their own duties and must take the consequences.  And if those consequences are death for their children then it is upon their head, not mine.  I own no man, woman, child or animal life and they do not owe me anything.  Sorry, I will not be sending $19 a month.  You do not deserve consideration.  I’ll give to my own family first.


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