Muddle Through, The New Social Norm

I read through the various headlines most days and I do get a bit depressed by much of what passes for news of the nation and news of the world.  Do I really care what Kim K does or thinks?  All these reality tv folks who really don’t have much in the way of personality that I would care to know flood the airwaves, the broadband, the consciousness of fools with iPhones glued to their eyeballs.  God, when will it end?  It was nice of William and Kate to come across the pond for a visit but I would just as soon they stayed home.  I’m sure they are nice people once you can get passed the ‘royals’ mentality but it just doesn’t say much about you when all you can claim for fame is an accident of birth and marriage.  Not that I have much claim on fame myself.

Then there are all the protests going on across the country, some of which have turned violent.  Hands up, don’t shoot, I can’t breath, black lives matter, and all the rest of such nonsense, and I mean nonsense because the hyperbole does little to cause much understanding.  For every one white wrong against blacks there are twenty black wrongs against whites and yet few of those wrongs are reported and none are protested.  White lives don’t matter.  When the president of Smith College gets her ass kicked because she writes in a campus wide email that all lives matter, then we have a problem with liberal education.  How dare those very privileged, some of which may be on scholarships, exhibit ignorance and outrage against simply pointing out that in a liberal society all lives do matter.  To argue that only black lives matter and the rest of us can go to hell is a crime against humanity.  The promotion of peace and justice for all people is a virtue and its degeneration is a perversion of morality.  And the promotion or at least the acceptance of racism by any group, no matter how justified they feel their cause to be is an abomination of justice.  One does not protest violence with violence for the point never gets through to either side.  One cannot riot for justice.  But perhaps the real problem is that once you turn your crusade into violence and injustice you lose that audience you seek so fervently to persuade.  This total saturation of angry black rage over peccadilloes has left me with a negative feeling.  You say to me that black lives matter and I say to you, “Ask me if I care!”  I simply don’t need the bullshit.  As a group, pull your heads out and start doing for yourselves.  Quit telling me I need to constantly do for you.  Change your attitudes, change your actions, take responsibility (meaning do those actions that will make a difference in your life) for your actions and your life.

As for the cops, well, that is another matter.  This country is in need of great reform of its local law enforcement organizations.  Very simply, the system allows cops to constantly get a pass for every wrong they commit.  From the state law enforcement employees to the county to the city we need to change the rules.  Unfortunately we can’t change the rules with the elected and non elected officials we have now.  I don’t care whether you are a democrat or republican, it is time you vote to throw out all of these idiots who have made the current situation possible, or impossible as your point of view may declare.  Our public officials and employees must be held to a higher standard.  If a cop commits a wrong against a citizen and that citizen sues in court, it is the cop and his police union who should pay, not the taxpayers.  Let it come out of their retirement funds.  When one cop causes other cops to lose retirement money then they have a very strong incentive to stop the stupidity by other cops.  But as long as “government” pays, it’s the taxpayers who ultimately pay the bill.  We need to change the attitude of the police.  Take away their bulletproof vests.  Very few are shot at every year.  Make them vulnerable again.  When you face a citizen as an equal then your attitude changes.  And frankly, most cops would be better off on patrol without a weapon.  If the need for a weapon materializes, the a special response squad of several armed cops in a vehicle can be dispatched if there is a threat of armed violence.  We also need to change our laws.  The opposition to the death penalty is absurd.  It is time to remove those who are unfit to live in our society and remove them permanently.  Not that there will be mistakes, the justice system gets a little messy at times.  And should the cops and the DAs get too rabid, then send them off to jail for their wrong doing.  Holding these individuals to a higher standard and to both criminal and civil liability will stop a lot of the abuse.  Perhaps we should have every DA and assistant serve one year out of every four as a public defender.  We, the public, pay their salaries so why why shouldn’t these lawyers be public prosecutors one year and public defenders the next?  You know the old saying, it takes a thief to catch a thief.

We also need to rein in all those special interest groups and their spending.  That means putting a limit of corporations, on labor unions, on not for profit organizations, and any other private institute that wants to spend money to sway or shape public opinion or otherwise buy politicians.  the best way is to enact legislation that preserves the first amendment for these groups while limiting them accordingly.  A corporation can only spend, depending of the level of political action, $500 per employee collectively.  The limit should be $100 per employee locally (city and county), $200 state level, and $500 national.  Now this would be per year total.  With so many curbs on spending one can still have freedom of speech and keep the abuses down.  Also, that spending would have to be in the name of each employee and they would get to deduct that contribution from their taxable income.  And the employee would get to direct where that spending went, not the corporation.  We should also limit campaign contributions per individual per race.  To do that, a political party or candidate would have to treat as taxable income any amount above the limits given.  In fact, if the Kotch brothers or the Clintons give more than allows tax free by law then we should enact an excise tax on that portion given by the donors and an income tax on the the amount received above the limit.  Tax it twice.  What about all those political action committees?  Same rules.  Only go one better, you can’t be a member or more than one committee and you cannot take an income from them.  If you do, we tax that income at a special 98% rate.  In other words, you don’t get to profit from political game playing.  You and your friends can have all the freedom of speech you want and you can do it collectively if that makes you happy.  But you can’t abuse the process.

Well, now that I have solved the world problems….


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