Has America Banished Justice From Its Shores?

The mainstream media seems to glory in the idea that America has become the poster child for injustice in this world.  Every day we are treated to demonstrations, often violent, demanding that justice be dispensed post haste according to those who purport to protest peacefully.  The rampant racism being reported by almost all persons of color is attributed to almost any and everything imaginable.  Simply being born “White” means that one is racist regardless of thought or deed.  This stupidity of excess is revolting.

Then we have the supposed injustice of income inequality.  The underlying premise is that those who have not achieved any wealth have been deprived equal justice in this country.  If a man accused of a crime or civil tort (wrongdoing) can afford to hire the most expensive law firm then that man is committing an injustice against those who can barely afford any lawyer.  We may not take the legal profession to task for charging what the traffic will bear.  No, if a man cannot afford to hire the best legal representation it is because of income inequality and can only be rectified by the redistribution of wealth to those who feel themselves lacking the proper amount of income.

As to the problem of large corporations having undue influence on the political process, well, then that must be remedied immediately by prohibiting their financial contributions to the political arenas.  Heaven forefend that we should take care to elect those politicians to office who would profit from the scourge of political contributions from such undesirable elements.  It’s the system that is corrupt, not our elected representatives of self interest.

And our public schools are once again segregated.  How dare all those white people move out of the decaying inner city and leave our schools filled with minorities.  This is why children of color can’t compete in advanced education, this is why we need quotas to assure equal attendance in all advanced education.  It is the fault of Asians and Whites when our colored children can’t successfully compete in these advanced classes.

Let us not forget those evil corporations that fight against the unions as they seek to keep wages and benefits too low.  All those fat cats have lots of profits and should be made to share every last penny.  It’s the right of all workers to earn high wages and receive defined benefits regardless of the cost to the rest of the world.  And minimum wage must be raised to an increasing level so those who have no skills can make as much as those who do have skills.

No, to listen to those on the left, those who are never satisfied with anything short of perfection of humanity, we are so greatly lacking in justice for all that we must be made to justice for all in all of its different requirements.  Yes, justice is what those on the left say it is no matter how contradictory the various assertions are as defined by them.  Oh that I could send all these unhappy to Chad or Syria or Cambodia so that they could see real justice in action.  Well, one can only dream.

Our financial system has become very unjust in that those who run it are legally and sometimes illegally gaming the system so as to take far more than their share of the wealth.  This country needs reform the banking and investment business along with reforming the corporation laws.  We also need to to rein in the global and multinational corporations, reduce the concentrations of wealth and power in business and industry.  But that would mean electing representatives who would be willing to take stands against some of our self interests.  Union power must be reduced so that it does not wield trust like power.  Unions must be kicked out of public and government employment.  Public service unions are vested interests and do not have the public’s best interest in mind, only those of their members.  A civil servant, cop or clerk, has no right to put their hand in my pocket.

We need to greatly reform our policing in this country.  We have so many special police units, particularly on the federal level that they need to be disbanded.  The Federal Reserve Bank does not need its own police force.  Nor do we need the NSA or Home Land Security, or hundreds of other federal police units.  And they sure as hell don’t need automatic weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition.  Our state and county and local city police forces need to be demilitarized.  Take away the armored vests and the automatic weapons.  Take away their immunity to wrong doing.  Hold these individuals to a higher standard of behavior.  The same with any civil servant and elected official.  Hold their actions and behaviors to a higher standard.  And stop the lawsuits that are brought against the cities and counties and states for the wrong doing of its workforce.  Make these individuals both criminally and civilly liable.  We, the tax payers, never authorized these people to commit crimes and torts against the public.

When it comes to education, get rid of the unions and the professional associations.  It is time to rein in these paragons of self interest and pay them what they are worth.  There is no reason to spend an excess amount of tax money on the marginal children.  That is, all those special education teachers take too large a share of tax dollars for minimal results.  It is a fact of life that most of these special ed children will never lead what we consider a normal life.  They will not, as adults, be in the mainstream of life as we experience life.  Yes, like sucks if you are below average in IQ, but so what?  Most of us will never play professional sports.  Yet by your standards we should be spending billions on those children who never have even an iota of a chance to play professional sports.  Yeah, you love your kid but its not my job to love him and I won’t.

Income is another matter.  Yes, we have let politicians commit the sin of game rigging by voting for those very people who change the rules simply because they deliver on some small promist to ourselves.  We elect our self interests and if our self interests are not reforms then don’t complain about injustice.  You are the problem, not everyone else.  And if you can’t be bothered to education yourself, if you can’t be bothered to learn skills that make you hirable and promotable, don’t come knocking at my door crying about income inequality.  You are part of the problem.

The fact is, while we, as a people, have a good number of imperfections we do possess, as a people have a very good sense of justice.  Our grand jury system works in spite of the few times when it is obvious that it failed in instances.  For he most part America is not a racist country.  You want racism, go to China and experience it directly.  Most of us don’t even give color a thought, but we do notice behavior.  And if your behavior calls attention to yourself, don’t blame us for how we may perceive that behavior.  If you go around chanting,”Kill whitey, Kill whitey!”  Don’t call me racist if I believe you harbor some dislike or even hate in your heart for me.  How can I tell you don’t mean it?  That is being two faced, not me.  No, so many of these so called racist attitudes are of your making and it’s time for you to take ownership of your problems.  I can’t solve your problems for you.


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