Today’s Weather: Cold, Cloudy, and Morose

The day is cold, the rain swept in early this morning before dawn could see the wetness on the streets and brown grass of winter.  Like the news the weather has been disagreeable and even the birds have stopped their chirping in protest, discontent rules the weekend with little relief in sight.  I could watch sports on the large screen, mine isn’t big, I never felt the need to fill my life with such a source of electrons.  But sports have become boring, pretending that other athletes are playing for your enjoyment when I know they only think of themselves.  Reminds me of the Saturdays I spent on frozen lakes in below freezing weather, two pairs of pants and four pairs of socks could not take the numbness from my feet and legs.  The ice is uneven, rough from melting and refreezing during the week, each yard of movement transmitted like a hammer hitting the soles of my feet.  Yet we played, a rough and tumble game of hockey where no one really knew what he was doing and the girls sat on the sidelines wishing we would let them in the game.  Chivalry was our reason if you believed our lies.  Can’t have the girls beating us at our own games.  Still, the day is cold.

Will Romney run again?  I hope not, he really hasn’t a ghost of chance.  Conservatives won’t vote for him and he is too much like Hillary, a believer of that idea it is now his turn to be president.  I remember when his father ran against Nixon.  He became the but of jokes on Laugh-In.  I keep asking myself what is the difference between Ted Cruz and his alter ego, Tom.  Both are jerks and second rate talent, third rate minds.  Rand Paul might do, he might not, hard to say on a cold day.  The political years ahead look lean like the seven cows all skin and bone eating the prime fatted beef on the hook.  The promises of politicians dot the bark yard and fields, making grass grow at the cost of the stench.  Lizzie Warren, we hardly knew ye, another liberal in populist’s clothing.  A law professor in wolf’s clothing is not likely to slay the wrong doings of giant corporations and financial stupidity.  It would be nice to go back to that time when the Senate was a forum in how to run the country and not a teller’s window from which to hand out special favors to special interests and public money to the stupid.  Perhaps we truly need a revolution, an overthrow of the established public bodies of government.  Yet what would be the point?  I doubt we have the men and women of requisite stature to fill the shoes of those who debated issue after issue on the floor and come to a consensus of action no matter how compromised.

They say that politics is a calling, like religion but without the saintliness.  I don’t know, appears to me to be the calling of the rich who guide themselves and their cronies to more wealth.  I remember when the pundits use to joke that all Congress and the government ever did was throw money at the problems as if that ever solved anything.  We see the special interests throwing money at the problems and all that happens is that they reduce the poverty of a few, if indeed, poverty was defined by an income of less that a million a year.  I think I am poor but too unworthy to be saved by the special interests.  But all of us will muddle through as we always do, we always have through the ages.  That is the human redemption, this muddling through.  Great despots, generals, conquerors come along and ride the winds or change and reap the rewards while we hunker down and plod on.  History is on our side.  Still, the day is cold.


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