We Are All Charlie, Until We’re Not

Is Paris burning?  Another book wasted on my youth, but not without making it’s point.  Paris has always been the province of malcontents and libertines since the age of the Norsemen.  One doesn’t go to Davenport for the orgies and loot, no, one travels to Washington DC, where the real action occurs.  I’ve been to both places and I can testify Davenport is a bit off the map of exploitation.  Ah, Paris, it has always attracted more than its share of malcontents.  Zola and Jim Morrison, rather a bit difficult to hold those two names in the same thought but it can be done in Paris.  Even Burgundian Dukes, as much men of the world as they believed themselves, would only enter the city under armed escort.  And Charlie, now that the Le Pen family is alarmed over the immigrants who have settled into their beloved Paris from North Africa, what shall we do?  Is the Pen, no pun intended, mightier than the AK-47?

Religious intolerance is nothing new.  It has existed ever sense man discovered god, or was at least made by him.  We all shape god after our own image and to our own purpose.  And while the Greek gods may have had their family squabbles they rarely fought among themselves as it would be unseemly to do so and give us mortals bad ideas.  o, better to make us jealous, crazy, and highly irrational than give us the idea that we could be immortal at some point in our lives.  Well, that hasn’t stopped us from trying cryogenics.  But in our modern times we, of the new world order, those of us who present a united front of progressive liberalism in the face of dogmatic religious assertions of venal piety, no, we are the new guardians of mankind and as such find this backward belief that one group has the corner on this god business as a very lunatic idea.  The very idea that some people should become upset at the poking of fun, the ridicule their god should have to endure is shocking to them.  After all, do we not encourage the poking of fun and the ridicule of conservative and religious leaders within our own country and society.  Now we could understand their upset if someone were showing our own progressive liberal leaders in embarrassing ways and heaping ridicule at them.  There are limits, you know.  No, No, we are the guardians of free speech as long as we approve of what you say.

Obviously I am poking fun at all groups and showing that we are all human in respect to our various values and need to defend them as such.  Religions and political groups always think of themselves in terms of us versus them.  The early Christians were the victims of Roman persecution as have been the Jews through out the centuries of their existence.  In Asia Buddha was a heretic for a few generations.  The Chinese have always sided one way or another as to the old clan gods versus Confucius versus everything else that has come their way.  But it has been the Catholic Christians and the Mohammedans that have carried this war of identity based on little semblance to faith, so we should call it and I will call it such, that has been the most vicious in their prosecutions against the unbelievers, the infidels, the  heretics.  Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will cause me great psychological anguish.

Well, news flash to the progressive liberals and those who believe themselves to be great intellectuals, as well as to the rest of the idiots of the world.  In order to view the world in a detached manner one must detach one’s self from religious and political belief.  Or in terms of modern psychology, one must compartmentalize the world one lives in.  This is not an easy mindset to accomplish for it really means at least suspending one’s believes and values so as to view others without using greatly biased lens.  Think about that for a moment.  If you are Bill Moyers, a very ultra liberal and at the same time a greatly religious individual (he holds a PhD in Divinity from a Baptist Seminary) then your perception of the world is highly biased and every time you open your mouth you cannot be anything but a believer in a ultra liberal progressive god.  Moyers has no corner on wisdom and I doubt he has any contact with it at all.  How we view the world and the people within it is highly dependent upon our perspective and we have learned that particular perspective through a number of ways including the culture we are born into , the society we value, the educations we have endured, and our general and specific experiences.  Wow, what a concept.  Now why can’t sociology professors see the truth in that statement?  Common sense, no more, no less.

That is why I chose the title or headline, if you like.  We can identify with the comic magazine publisher and the idea of free speech until it is turned upon our cherished ideals.  I don’t mind the upset at seeing one’s god ridiculed but I draw the line in the us of violence to speak one’s peace, so to speak.  Yes, the world is full of oxymorons.  Like my spell checker that does not accept common plurals made without an apostrophe.  Bloodshed for the sake of bloodshed is hardly conducive for others to view your faith as anything but stupid and ignorant.  It smacks of a type of insidious slavery of the mind.  That is what slavery demands.  The physical is work or die, the mental is believe or die.  Not much difference between them and it is always at someone else’s will, not yours.  My goodness, that sounds like some of our liberal progressives.  Why yes, that is how fascists act and rule.  After all, Nazi Germany was suppose to be a socialist paradise.


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