As The World Falls Apart

The news media, the commercial blogs, and even a few private commentators have all been full of the latest and grandest notions of what constitutes news and information.  The Rubble is crashing, causing no end of problems for the Russians but actually wrecking havoc on Indian Steel production.  While a falling rubble may cause the rise of import prices at home, the export stocks are made cheaper and thus more attractive to outside buyers.  The Indian steel mills are starting to lose trade to Russian steel mills, a lesson in supply and demand and price shifts.  On the other hand, we have persistent rumors of war that will engulf the Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the U.S. in some conflagration or fire and brimstone resulting in a disastrous defeat for the western nations.  But even if a limited war could be waged the problem of isolation wears heavily on Russia and any comparative advantage reached by foreign exchange devaluation will be dissipated in the first week as blockades are used against any trade still left open.

Should the U.S. president marched with Europe, arm in arm in a show of free speech solidarity and should the Israeli  prime minister have stayed home?  And why do French Jew feel threatened enough to contemplate leaving France, is this a road their people have been down before?  Of course many of the Islamic faith wish the trouble makers would go back to the old country and kill each other or at least keep silent.  On the other hand so many see no need to assimilate into European culture and thus wish to remain islands in a sea of storm that may wash them under like so many grains of sand on the beach.  Truth is a fragile thing when held too closely under the microscope, we are apt to find our truth is less than honest in the opinions of the rest of the world.  Some see the truth of religion as the only lifeline that can be thrown as the salvation of mankind and yet they are all anchored to different rocks and all many easily fall into the sea pulling their adherents to the deep with them.

We would seem to have no real security in this world and perhaps not even in the next.  What should we do?  Perhaps life is like pushing on a string, we make progress but we do not understand where we might be going, if anywhere.  Cats may be difficult to herd but fool bowls usually round them up quickly enough.  You see, life is a matter of using what is expedient, what may be at hand, and not always what we have been taught to expect.  Sleeping Beauty may be required by her condition to wait for Prince Charming and his lips to come along at the proper time but for most of us waiting for that proper person, place, and time is more a crap shoot than a sure thing.  Still, so many of us wait, and wait, because the movies assure us a life lived happily ever after.  We need to believe in that taunt, that proposal or worthless promises, if we didn’t we might have to depend on ourselves and a few others to advance along life’s timeline.,  And it is a timeline, straight as an arrow, no skipping to the head of the line and grabbing the brass ring.

As a writer it is not my job to sell inspiration and hope.  I do not hawk pretty little ponies nor machines of benign law enforcement.  I observe the world and try my best to describe what I see and realize that it is my vision alone, not belonging to someone else.  And if I try and look a little harder, and perhaps, a little smarter, I may be able to change my perspective and see a little differently, a little further down the road.  So is the world falling apart?  Only the man made parts, that constraints of artificiality that come when mankind believes that it has all the answers, all the quick solutions, all the permanent wisdom in the world.  Financial ruin is ahead for most of the world because it believe in that one great stupid idea, that here is a free lunch and some other person, at worst, gets stuck with the bill.  We want free speech for ourselves but not for those with whom we disagree, for they are wrong and must be silenced less the unsophisticated hear and believe them.  We are a most contradictory animal.  We will ignore our own mistakes and point out with extreme glee those of others.

Is there hope for the world?  Oh yes, thee is hope, there has always been hope regardless of what we have done in the past.  Hope springs eternal with each passing generation.  Every generation is born and dies according to their times and according to their works.  They bring nothing into this world but themselves and take nothing out but what they brought.  Yes, there is hope for each generation renews that hope.  The best each one of us can do is to hold fast to that hope, that promise of doing for ourselves and for others.  Our hope is giving of ourselves to others and receiving graciously what they are willing to return.  There is no inspirational moment upon which we all rise up to some paradise filled with perfection.  There is no perfection, only imperfect people doing what they can.  Maybe they don’t always do their best, mat be they don’t always try.  But they always do something, that is what binds us together as a group of humans in the world.  It is that which makes us human.  Live in the world and give when you can, when you think of doing, when you feel the need to give.


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