State Of The Union

According to the used car salesman the state of the union is just great, low mileage and only driven on Sundays by grandma.  If you believe that then just wait, I’ve got a deal on a house for you.  I keep hearing all about the great economic recovery and yet the numbers just don’t add up.  The official unemployment numbers do not match with the number of the population participation rate in the job market.  We have the lowest participation rate in the job market in the past 38 years.  That means the number of people actually working and who are over the age of 18 years of age.  I guess all those whom we do not count as unemployed must be either retired or going to community college full time.  Oh, but higher education enrollment is down, not up.  Seems so many people can’t afford the sky high tuition rates for education they are not likely to ever use in the job market.  The rate of new college graduates being hired is down as well.  Well, then, it must be the old folks retiring.  Except the Social Security applications for benefits aren’t exactly going through the roof either.  Seems a lot of old folk can’t afford to quit their jobs because they can’t afford to retire.  So, Mr Used Car Salesman, just what is the truth?

If you take a look at retail sales, they are down for the year and this January and new year does not look promising.  The oil field has already eliminated 12,000 high paying jobs and there are a lot more to come.  That means all those people whose jobs depend on those now laid off oil field workers are going to be hurting.  True, we had job growth but that growth was in minimum wage jobs, not the high pay or ever moderate paying jobs.  Rents are going up across the nation, not down.  Food prices are constantly going up.  The only price that consumers like is the much lower gasoline prices.  And the state, county, and city governments love that too as far as fuel costs but on the flip side they collect less road and fuel taxes.  Let’s hope the fuel savings offset the tax declines.  Home prices are still inching up in many areas.  Healthcare insurance is up while coverage is down.  And your automobile insurance is up too.  You know, I keep hearing how there is no inflation but yet I see the cost of living keeps increasing each year.  How can that be?  I mean, you can trust the BLS and the other federal government figures, can’t you?  Well, thank goodness the only members of Congress are the new congressmen and senators, all the rest are multimillionaires.  And just think, with Obama’s new tax reform he, too, can become a multimillionaire like the Clintons.  Yes sir, got to keep those trust laws so his money doesn’t get taxed.

Oh, but there really is no tax reform.  Raise some rates here, keep some deductions there, and nothing changes except the wealth of the party donors and the party members.  I guess all us little people should be grateful to live in a country where our democratically elected representatives can legally steal our money.  But hey, we can get free community college for two years.  Except it won’t really be free, will it?  I mean the tax payers will need to pay for our tuition and the local property tax payers will need to pay for the expansion of services, and all that retirement and benefits those educators and administrators are going to get.  And what will the student get?  A piece of paper, a token of his good faith in the prospect at maybe winning the job lottery.  Maybe he can get a job welding pipe for the Keystone project five or ten years from now.  We don’t need the oil any time soon and ain’t no Chinese buying Canadian tar sands oil at the moment.

And while we’re at it, let’s keep the ACA.  I mean we really need to keep all those healthcare organizations raking in the coin.  Did you break you leg?  An X-Ray is good but we really need to do an MRI.  Well no, the X-ray shows us everything we need to know about the broken bone but we want to make sure about all the soft tissue and that is what the MRI does, image the soft tissue.  And it costs at least an extra $1000 or so.  I mean we’ve got to pay for that million dollar plus machine and so we’ll just order enough MRIs to make sure the technicians and specialist doctors and the manufacturing company get their money.  And even if it’s not covered by your policy I’m sure the copay will take care of it.  No, hospitals don’t need to compete for patients or post their charges, you can trust us.  If we’ve got our hands in your pockets it’s just that we are giving you a free medical exam.  Trust us, we’re doctors.

What about immigration reform?  Well, executive orders keep all those illegal immigrants from showing up as unemployed.  Besides, business needs far more undocumented workers they can extort, that’s why they pay protection money, I mean, campaign contributions.  Unions, on the other hand give freely of their members’ dues to elect upright and honest politicians so that the union can help all those poor unfortunate workers being exploited by the evil corporations.  Hey, even if it is only a minimum wage job those workers have rights like paying union dues.  Hey, it’s only two hours of pay before taxes every month, that’s not much, is it?  Let me see, if I am working minimum wage that means I am living below the poverty line and some $15 or $20 a month is a big deal to me.  And what do I get out of it.  If I work for a private employer I may have the joy of seeing my job outsourced to some poor third world citizen who would make only a tenth of what I make.  Thank you Mr. Used Car Salesman.

It is most unfortunate that Mr Obama will go down as the worst president in the history of this country.  He has done almost nothing for it and his foreign policy has been anything but intelligent.  His presidency seems to have existed to prolong war in foreign countries simply because the military needs an excuse for more promotions and medals.  His so called civil rights agenda has been more about division than unity.  He has an Attorney General who has done nothing but look for racism while ignoring all the Wall Street looting and other crimes of fraud.  In our own Justice Department the Rule Of Law does not exist.  And who does he want as a successor to Holder?  Another racism hunter.  Don’t worry about crime, just root out racism where ever you think it might exist.  So what is the state of the union?  Not so hot.


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