You Can’t Fix Stupid

I am going on seven decades on this planet.  I am not an ignorant man by any means.  I earned several degrees is two different areas of study.  I have read very widely and deeply.  My personal library borders on two or three thousands books and I have read at least that amount.  My experiences include helping others as a teenager reclaim living quarters in what may be regarded as less than desirable city districts. A bit of civil rights work (I do not claim to have done sit ins or other more front line battles, but never the less  have played a part even if it is minor), a bit of war (Vietnam, but not on the front line) where I have been shot at, shelled, and otherwise hugged the ground in all earnestness.  I have seen and done and experienced quite a bit in my life.  I spent sixteen years married to someone with very serious mental health issues and near the end of that period contemplated my our death.  My heart came within 5% on killing me.  In a few words, I have been through the mill more than once.

So what Have I learned?  Ah, that’s the most important part of life, isn’t it?  The iron law number one: There is no free lunch, someone always pays.  I am so surprised that those who advocate communism, various types of socialism, and whatever else it the political and possibly the economic fashion can’t understand this iron law, and it is an iron law.  There are finite resources in this world, the world economy is a closed system, and growth is only possible by population growth or theft from your neighbor.  Mainstream economics teaches that growth is can be achieved at any rate possible and that inflation is the greatest thing for growth since sliced bread.  Yet none of this is true and never will be true.  We should offer a billion dollars as the prize to any one or group who can demonstrate the truth of these propositions.  Let me tell you, its a fools bet, like perpetual motion, can’t be done.

Iron law number two for all those who believe any government of individual can spend their way to wealth, all debt must either be repaid or defaulted.  There is no exception.  True, one can, by mutual consent, extend the date for repayment, but either the debt is repaid or it is not.  Will you the creditor take less?  then that debt has a partial default, forgiveness will not make it less so.  Indebtedness is an either or proposition.  It’s like being pregnant, either one is or one is not, there is no sort of condition.  Either the egg has been fertilized or it has not.  So either you borrowed some sum of money, some good, or other favor or you haven’t.  And if you have then the rule still stands, either you repay that favor, what ever it is, or you do not.

But Iron Law number 3 is a little different.  It is a very simple law when you think about it.  and it is one of those basic laws that should be taught in grade school.  Simply put, you can’t fix stupid.  God knows I have tried in my early life.  But it is a law of human nature.  We all have our own perspectives and our own biases.  They may be dumb beliefs, but they are our own beliefs.  And, unfortunately, we will defend our dumb beliefs to the point of death.  Man, I kid you not.  Belief is that one thing that is not subject to the laws of logic and reason.  You don’t believe me?  Ask any six year old about what he believes and he will get quite defensive if you tell him he is wrong.  Like our names, what we believe about the world is our sense of identity.  We all need a sense of identity in this world and that means that we provide that identity through what we believe is true about the world.  This is a cornerstone of religion, we need something to believe in and if that something is larger than ourselves, so much the better.  We are small entities in this world and we need to feel that we belong somewhere, that we fit into this grand scheme of life.  Just as we seek to be members of various groups and adopt to some degree their beliefs and goals, so we need to feel that we fin into the grand scheme of life.  Name one culture that doesn’t have such a belief system.  Go ahead, I’m waiting.

I love reading philosophy.  It is really great stuff.  But philosophy is built upon belief systems and for the most part those belief systems rest of false assumptions.  Yes, I am sure to get a lot of argument over that assertion.  But consider ontology or the study of first causes.  I just read that there is no big bang, that the universe didn’t start that way.  One might have been able to hang one’s argument of the big bang, but without a first cause such as the big bang, what is left?  A steady state theory that soon comes unraveled by the second law of thermodynamics?  Okay, so there was no first cause and that only muddies the waters.  So what next?  John Rawls writes about justice but has not ready definition and even when he does try to define justice retreats to tried and not so true examples.  In the end he really can’t tell us what justice is except in some political manner that is a cross between socialistic thinking and marxian theory.  And they call him a philosopher.  It reminds me of Mark Twain’s cornpone theory of political affiliation.  Where a man obtains his cornpone determines his political affiliation.  Funny thing is, Samuel Clemons never went to college and obtained a degree in English, literature, or Philosophy.  Yet the man knew more about all three than most of the PhDs in all the universities in the world.

Back to the original preposition.  You can’t fix stupid.  Does your blog deal with subjects that are on the peripherial of society, such as transexuals, and all that ilk?  Fine, good for you.  I call it behavior and you may call it genetics, although your proof is slim at best.  But I give you your behaviors, I take no issue with them.  Why should I?  For me rap is an abhorrent behavior.  But as music, you are welcome to it, just not in my house or car.  So what happens when those who may feel that their god forbids homosexual behavior and all that they consider abhorrent?  I ignore these people.  why should I try to change their thinking?  I already know form experience that I can’t.  But we must speak the truth.  Ah, just what is the truth?  Your truth may very well rest of false assumptions.  What then are we to surmise?  Well, you see, people aren’t suppose to hate other people.  Oh, very good, and you are the consummate judge and jury, are you?  Do you really believe that you will change these people’s minds?  How will you do that?  Will you force them?  Will you beat on their heads until they give in?  Isn’t that like being them, using their methods?  What do you gain by that behavior?  Where is your moral high ground?  Moral high ground is only useful for looking down upon those who have not your morals.  Wait a minute, why does that sound bad?  Ha, Ha, I am more moral than you!  And what will that get you at the bank window?  It won’t pay dividends, I’ll tell you that.

So if there is one thing progressives and liberals and socialists and all the other guardians of public morals should do, it is stop trying to fix stupid.  The main reason is that those who have different belief systems will not automatically convert and you may not possess the entire truth yourself.  Did you ever think of that?  Are you so sure that your convictions are the absolute gospel truth and cannot be contradicted that you are so ready to force them upon all who are unbelievers in your eyes?  Oh please. go back into your cave and watch the shadows a little more.  You have not learned the lesson.


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