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I started writing my blog or daily post on the 15th of October last year.  It was one of those activities I simply backed into doing.  A few years ago I had an account with facebook but that was such a waste of time.  I wrote a few short posts on that and posted a few pictures.  My hope was that since my step daughter and her family were very active on facebook and I lived in another state we might share a little more communications with each other.  Before I wrote long letters, send postcards from places I had been when driving truck, and generally tried to make that bond with family.  But what ever I did was never enough.  If I commented on their account I received a few words or was ignored.  Now when you are under twenty five I expect that sort of response.  Youth never sees the reality of maintaining relationships until it reaches middle age.  And often youth, once in middle age, maintains that habit of youth.  Since the relatives received so much enjoyment from the facebook games (I still can’t see paying money for all that stuff) I let it go.  I have let it all go.  My importance to them is minimal, if that.  That’s really too bad for them.

Of course the major problem with facebook is the junk mail.  I was getting overwhelmed with it.  Even now I may receive close to one hundred junk mails each day.  At least 99.99% goes into the spam folder without my having to take any action except empty it every day of two.  Social media is really a very banal mode of communications but I don’t begrudge its use by those who find some joy and usefulness in it.  We are raising millions of idiots who cannot write complete sentences, cannot write or read cursive, and who think texting is communications.  I would venture that 90 to 95 percent of what is written today on the internet is junk, not worth the time for a short glance.  And that includes quite a bit of the so-called professional writing.  Everyone who has obtained a degree in English feels that they know how to write, yet the evidence does not support their efforts.  As a writer…What kind of crap is that?  What happened to I am a writer and I think/believe/know/ etc.?  As a writer, how passive, how stupid.  You expect instant respect for a wishy-washy statement.  Yet that is the way English majors are taught to write.  Well, I do rant on.

But I take the time to read some of the blogs on wordpress.  And if someone gives me a like I will immediately go to their blog and look around, perhaps read a couple of their works.  I feel it’s a courtesy due them.  And if people follow me I try to visit their sites as often as I can.  If you take an interest in my posts then I should take an interest in yours.  I call it fair play, returning the favor.  That is how human cooperation works in society.  Does it matter if your work isn’t very good?  Not really, for there are those who feel a need to write the best possible verse and those who are simply trying to express an opinion or some feelings.  I don’t fault those who try but have a difficult time with the craft of writing.  It is a craft and some do it far better than most.  But if you, as a blogger are putting your efforts into trying to speak your mind, express your feeling, and do it on a regular basis then the judgment is now how professionally you can do it, but whether you do it at all.  Let’s face it, some individuals want to add to the world, assuming one can really do that, and feel that by posting positive thoughts they help others, alleviate some pain, provide a little wisdom, and sooth the body politic.  And there are many in need of such words in their life.  I don’t decry the preacher who is trying to comfort, guide, and soothe others.  I am offended by the preacher who expects me to believe the way he says and wants my money for doing so.

But WordPress isn’t the only service I follow.  There are a number of good blogs out there worth following or at least reading on a daily basis.  I read some of the economic/investment/market/political type blogs.  What I do not follow are the public media blogs like CNN CNBC, FOX, and the rest.  One, they tend to slant their material, two, they tend to lie, three they are often inaccurate.  My time is precious and I won’t waste my time on their trash.  On the other hand, if you read them, that is your decision.  But I am the exception, I find more places which are good sources of information.  Now remember, no one has ever had a corner on the truth and never will.  Every source has his axe to grind and you better believe it.  And there are times when I want little more than to browse recipes or look at current fashions.  Are you surprised that a man would find interest in women’s fashions?  How else am I to understand women of all ages if I exclude a lot of important information?  I could ask my sweetheart, but in trying to interrogate her something is lost.  We humans are expected to do a little of our own research.

Still, somethings I really don’t want to investigate.  Hip-hop and rap and the modern stuff just don’t interest me.  Yet I will sometimes take a listen.  On the other hand I refuse to follow the Kardashians or their step father, the moron.  I am selective and I don’t run to watch every new television/cable show or series or movie or reality show.  MY feeling is that it is just so much stupidity.  Besides, in my life I have seen all the possible plots and a great many of their variations, so the new stuff really bores me.  But the blogs people write, man, these are the stories in life.  Ok, some make be stupid, some less that intelligent, many less than articulate.  But they’re stories, real stories of people’s lives.  I don’t care how lousy your poetry is or how crappy your short stories, these thing are about you, and you are the story, the real deal.  This is my point, this is why I read a few blogs here and there.  I may think your writing skills are crap but if you have a good story then you are worth a read.  Besides, it’s not my job to read and then issue grades.  If all you ever do is write for a grade then you have missed the whole point of writing.  You aren’t telling a story, you are trying to earn a grade.


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