Religious Discrimination

Indiana has drawn fire this month for the legislation that it has enacted recently.  They are the twentieth state to enact laws that allow those with religious objects to refuse service to the gay community.  Why so many gay activists and supporters danced in the streets when the Colorado State Supreme court ruled against the bakery that refused to provide a wedding cake for a gay couple’s marriage on the grounds that their religious beliefs did not support gay marriage or the gay lifestyle, Indiana has recognized the right of business people to avoid doing business with those whom they consider would compromise their religious beliefs.  We have the gay community proclaiming that this is an area they consider black and white, that is it must be considered illegal and discriminatory of a protected group.  On the other hand those who object to what has become the legalization and promotion of a lifestyle they find abhorrent have that same black and white mindset.  This is a serious question that communities and the nation as a whole must find answers that are sufficient to support a legal system.

On the one hand we have a community of individuals and groups who claim that they are a special case.  That is, one is born homosexual and to a lesser extent, one is born with the wrong physical body for their gender.  Unfortunately there is no evidence that homosexuality for both men and women has any genetic component.  Genes by themselves do not produce behaviors in humans.  That is, there is no genetic proclivity for homosexuality.  Sex is a set of behaviors, one can categorize as learned behaviors.  Yes, I have read so many of the arguments but the “scientific studies” are far less compelling and if one looks at the flaws in the research designs and the experimental operations, one can usually find a lack of rigor.  I am not against those individuals who practice homosexuality.  We have many individuals who practice different forms of sexual conduct from Sadomasochism  to Slave and Master preferences to many other behaviors the average man and woman do not consider as part of their sexual practices.  For those who consider themselves transgendered of one sex trapped in the physical body of another sex, the answer to that is no, for the most part it is not genetic.  Yes we can find cases where genetics have run amok, so to speak, and one may be born with sexual organs of both ses, but such individuals are usually sterile and do not reproduce.  The fact is, genes may not express themselves as they should and we find individuals born with six toes or an extra limb or twins conjoined at the body somewhere.  But these are abnormal conditions.  Being born a woman in a man’s body is not normal any more that being born to be a sexual slave to someone.

So should we consider these individuals as people of abnormal behavior?  Well, define abnormal behavior.  If we do not have behavior dictated by genetic programming such a instincts, to which we can provide the example of birds always building nests each spring or spiders constantly spinning webs even in zero gravity environments, then yes, we have no instinctual or genetically norman behaviors.  We learn so much of our behavioral patterns that one is hard pressed to really pass any scientific judgment on those whose behaviors are not the social norms for the majority of society.  What has really happened has been political accommodation for groups who proclaim a political right inspite of any real constitutional right to do so.  One might as well say that both republicans and democrats have these same political rights as does any alcoholic or drug addict.  We owe so much of this transformation of the body politick to the presumed need of the government to enter and inspect not only our bedrooms but our intimate behaviors.  This was a bequest from religious authorities who thought they were entitled that same right.  Now the gay, lesbian, and transgendered groups love nothing better than to rub our noses in their so called rights.

One of the lines of thoughts is that somewhere, carved in stone, are the rights or man, or humankind, if I am to be politically correct so as not to offend any group that claims political rights.  I am so sorry to inform you people that there are no universal rights that exist like Plato’s forms in some far away galaxy.  Rights are what we, as members of a society and a national identity decide to grant.  If tomorrow our nation with the approval of the majority of the electorate decided to outlaw all gay rights, well, we would be well within our rights.  Now since we have given some safeguard to gay rights then what is the problem?  How far do these suppose rights extend?  Does that mean that the majority of the people must be held hostage to the super rights of a few?  This constantly pushing for new and expanded rights eventually incurs pushback form the majority who are tired of having their noses rubbed in it.  We can see this in the relationships between blacks and whites and other minority groups.  One can only play the racist trump card before it loses it winning value.  The same is true with the gay rights trump card, it is wearing thin.  Simply because you are gay does not mean I have to like you or invite you into my house.  That does not mean that I hate you even when you try to push that argument of he who does not like me must hate me.  It just won’t do, really, it just won’t do at all.

Now I have not weighed in or religion and religious convection.  Frankly, I really do not like organized religions, for the good that they can do in a society they tend to undo with their fervor of belief.  I am of the same mind.  I don’t need you to come to my door and convert me or in anyway interfere with my life.  I have my beliefs and such beliefs are not aligned with yours, so please respect them.  I don’t care to know your god and I suspect that we will never be friends for we have little in common.  You see, this is the pragmatic side of life.  In our society, in our national identity of a legal system, I am free to associate with those I may be pleased to associate.  I may do business with only those of my choosing.  I am not required to buy my weeding cake form any particular individual regardless of race, color, creed or political conviction.  So why would I wish to make any individual do business with me who has no desire to obtain my business?  There are dozens of jazz clubs in big cities that I, as a white man, cannot enter to hear the musicians because the black patrons and owners will not permit me to do so.  You see, this discrimination cuts both ways.  As a straight male I would not be welcome to enter a gay bar.  As a male I would definitely not be welcome in a lesbian bar.  Do you see the problem?  So why should we force those who have religious convictions against homosexualtiy to dobusiness with those who are homosexuals?  There must be some flexibility to human relations else we will succomb to a form of fascism that is most repugnant.  And once we do that, then those who are different from the norm as defined by those who are of the fascist regime come under great risk of their lives.  Be careful what you demand, you just might get the brunt of your own injustice.


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