It’s Springtime For the Clintons And Hillary

I’m not sure Mel Brooks would agree with me, he being a bit on the liberal side and may take umbrage at my misuse of his words (think The Producers you pick the version you like).  We, as Americans, tend to have a small problem with the right of succession.  While at one point there were those would have had George Washington proclaim King we have not seen fit to establish a monarchy on our shores.  Not that the Kennedy’s didn’t try, Teddy thought he was entitled to the office of the President due to the deaths of his brothers.  Then the Clintons came along and it was decided by them that Hillary would be the Queen, or King, you pick.  Certainly George Bush laid claim for his family to inherit the crown of president, assuming there was such a thing.  But that upstart Obama, the Idiot, stole Hillary’s crown.  After all, wasn’t she the anointed, wasn’t she next in line?  Damn democracies just don’t vote write.  Not that enacting a law that compels all eligible voters would seat Hillary on the throne.  I think Kim Kardashian would win in a landslide of write in votes if we left it up to the idiots of the vox populi.  Sometimes when it comes to Obama and the Wookie (Michele) stupidity is its own reward.

So what’s a Hillary to do in this land of disloyalty?  I mean, not enough people voted for her in the primary and made her look bad.  Ungrateful Americans, did you not realize that it was her turn?  That was her health care law hat was suppose to be her legacy.  How dare you deny her immortality.  Of course that healthcare law was a bit screwed up but that was the plan, after all.  The point was that this is not insurance but a tax, insurance means that we take a pool of participants and rate them according to their risks and assign premiums accordingly.  With Obama care we don’t bother with premiums, we simply tax people and we do not control costs, we simply pay whatever the doctors and hospitals and other healthcare corporations demand.  If you were expecting insurance, Obama care is not that and was never designed to be anything other than a tax for the privilege of paying full price.  Oh, that’s right, there is the medicare and the subsidized health care programs with the deductibles that insure you will pay full price.  That’s right, neither you nor your elected representative read the fine print.  What was that the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said?  we have to pass this bill to find out what is int it.  Ignorance works for me.  Why so many of you keep electing these idiots to office is beyond me, are you that stupid?

But her highness in waiting, Hillary, is about to run for office again and is expecting all you good women and liberal men to do your duty and put her on the throne.  And what has Hillary done for you, exactly?  I mean, Obama’s Attorney General was suppose to root out racism within the land, not matter how minute that element may be, and no matter how lawless the corporate and financial institutions may be, racism is the evil.  We must ignore the rule of law so that racism may be rooted out to the lowest and least perceptible level.  That is the Obama legacy, the Law be damned.  Let racism fester everywhere.  So many banks who are too big to fail and the taxpayer must pay to keep them solvent, no matter that they indulge in moral hazard to the extreme and thus risk the American taxpayer’s money in pursuit of excessive profits and executive compensation.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

So what is it that her supreme highness Hillary will bring to the office of the presidency?  Eight years of deleting emails that might prove that she is another Richard Nixon?  I believe in open and transparent government except when it comes to me.  Yes. Hillary, you are right.  Why should we hold you accountable, you are special and anointed.  Well, one can suggest some campaign slogans for her run for office.  How about Control-Alt-Delete?  That certainly gets rid of embarrassing and or criminal emails.  One of my personal favorites is: vote for my boyfriend’s wife for president.  On a more hopeful sounding note we could use: Spank the monkey for change.  I can’t claim that as an original thought, that came from Zero Hedge.  But I like the sound of it.

Okay, so the Democrats are limited to Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, and Biden.  Well Joe Biden is a nightmare waiting to happen.  I mean the man released all his emails written during his tern as vice president, all two of them.  Mr Scotts IQ is a real choice for what, dog catcher?  Joe Biden is the poster boy for that old joke: I was feeling sad and blue when I heard a little bird outside my window singing – Cheer up, things could get worse.  So I cheered up and sure enough, things got worse.  The man lives in Delaware, need is say more?  Ah, but Lizzie Warren, she will change the world.  Except she doesn’t seem capable of understanding what it is that she wants to change.  Yes, she is a smart lawyer but she is excessively stupid when it comes to economics.  But then most of those Harvard and Princeton economists are pretty dumb when it comes to economics.

So we are left with Hillary as the democrat front runner.  Except that she hasn’t met a regulation or a law that she isn’t superior to.  Oh, is that  a problem?  Well, if you want an honest and open candidate then that is a problem.  Bit why shouldn’t you vote for Hillary if you are a feminist or a liberal or a progressive?   Oh my god, that would take a month of Sundays to tell.  Think of it, Bill in drag as the first lady.  That would put his philandering on a new level.  Now you tell me why if Bill hit on Gloria Steinem at Oxford why did she vote for him twice?  Why re-elect a sexual predator?  Because woman adore being taken advantage of by Bill?  You have got to be kidding me.  So much for personal integrity.  And why should the same people vote for Hillary?  Not for personnel integrity, I can assure you.  Politics is not about personal integrity, it is about my side winning at all costs.  You want to vote for Hillary, be my guest.  But remember that your personal integrity is at stake.  Oh, you think Hillary is the object of a witch hunt?  Guess what, she is the witch.  No need to hunt for some phantom, Hillary is a witch.  You think she will give you, as a woman, a new lease of life, take up your cause?  You are a sucker fish.  She has you hook, line, and sinker.  A vote for Hillary is a vote for stupidity, but so is a vote for Kim Kardashian.  I am not sure I want to be branded in such a manner.


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