A Question Of Attitude

The news had been full of political, economic, and domestic problems lately and I marvel as to how many of these problems could really be considered questions of attitude.  By that I mean that sometimes our thinking about the way the world should be is influenced by the particular attitude we hold at the moment.  Let us take the deadly incident in North Carolina this week.  A black man is shot in the back and killed by a police officer.  Had the officer been black we all would have had the same reaction, skin color had nothing to do with the incident.  Our police departments have become beyond the control of the local citizenry.  What review boards are controlled by a political process that discourages little investigation.  Most politicians want to show that they are tough on crime and so support the local police departments to the detriment of the local citizenry.  Now you may believe this is an extreme position for me to take, but consider the metrics by which we judge our police department’s effectiveness.  The number of arrests versus the number of crimes committed.  Yes, the citizens want those perpetrators of criminal acts to be arrested and convicted and put away.  So we place a value on the cop making a collar.  It just won’t do it the person who should be arrested should escape.

But more than that, we have isolated our police force to the point where we no longer think of them as citizens of the community.  We have forced these individuals and groups into a separate class of citizenship, if you like.  The weapon and badge, the body armor, and all the laws that support the slightest pretext of interference or contempt for the policeman’s authority are enacted.  If one so much as breathes on a cop one could be arrested for assault.  The worst crime any citizen could commit is contempt of cop.  How dare any citizen challenge his authority even if he is acting in a felonious manner.  The men and women are heroes, didn’t you get the memo?  They lay down their lives for us.  But wait, the Supreme Court has decided that no cop must be made to protect the citizen against any violence.  If you are standing next to a cop and a criminal starts to beat you, stab you, or shoot you, the cop is under no obligation to risk his life to intervene.  He is merely there to investigate and arrest the subject if he deems it necessary.  You, the citizen who pays his wage can die and go to hell for all he cares.  And he is not subject to the normal investigation procedures if he has committed some crime or misdemeanor.  Nor will he ever do the right thing and denounce any fellow officer that he sees doing wrong.  If just isn’t done.  It’s not the right attitude to have.  No, if you run away I must chase you and even kill you to stop you in your tracks because I am a cop and that is how I perceive my job duties.

There was a time when a cop who lived in the neighborhood was considered a friend.  He was human and when he was off duty he could be a friend.  But no cop is ever off duty these days.  More than that, he wears body armor so as to be almost invincible to any attack.  How can a cop fear for his life when he has weapons, military training, body armor, and the ability to beat the crap out of most people?  Gone are the days of Dragnet and One Adam 12.  Between the people, the politicians, and the cops, they have turned themselves into another class of citizens.  Well, no wonder, politicians pander to the lowest denominator of voters to become elected and stay elected to office.  They too, are a special class of people.  If I decide to kill an ordinary citizen and then caught and tried and convicted, the likelihood of my drawing a death sentence is very low.  And I might get out on parole in less than twenty years.  But if I kill a cop, a district attorney, a judge, or any politician, then I may as well resign myself to the death penalty unless I can get a jury to believe my Twinkie Defense.  Now please tell why killing an ordinary citizen is no big deal to society while killing a protected class is.  Is it any wonder that so many of these individuals of a protected class have attitude problems?

Hilary Rodham clinton, is one of the special people.  If you or I had a job in the state department or some other government department, doesn’t matter how low level that position, and we decided to use our own email server instead of the government’s email servers, as is expressly required by law, then you and I would be up on charges right now if we failed to turn over all the information on our email server and we would definitely be in a world of hurt if we destroyed such emails.  You and I would be looking at ten to twenty years in federal prison.  Why should it be any different for Hillary Rodham clinton?  Oh, that’s right, she was married to Bill Clinton who was a semi popular president (it depends on which side of the aisle you happen to be associated with) and then that woman with who he did not have sex with but you and I would have considered it sex if she had it with us, had to air his linen in public.  Oh poor Hillary.  I mean she was elected First Lady on the party ticket.  I saw her name on the ballot.  How dare those nasty republicans refuse to pass her healthcare bill without seeing what was in it.  And it was her turn to rule when that nasty Obama cut in line, just like a man.  Now she is running again and ready to remind you that America owes her the presidency.  Somewhere it is carved in stone that Hillary is suppose to be the first American female president and how dare you think otherwise.  She hasn’t spent her life lying, cheating, stealing, and murdering for nothing.  Ben Gause was not her fault, it was the fault of someone else.  You know that she knows what is best for the country better than any electrocute.  And all those nasty lawyers took all her and Bill’s money when that nasty woman intern went public.  Why she was destitute when she left office.  Of course her twenty minutes of wisdom is worth $300,000 a pop.  And it should be tax free, America owe her.

Now don’t get me wrong, I see plenty of republicans in that same boat.  My god, Christie acts as if he personally owns New Jersey.  God forbid that tub of lard should run and win election to the oval office as anything more than a waist basket.  If I were dictator of the world there are hundreds of thousands of politicians, bankers, CEOs, and the like that I would trundle to the guillotine, no questions asked, no second thoughts thunk.  I think holding a doctorate in economics should be a death warrant because economists do far more harm to the world than they do good.  My god, where’s the Spanish Inquisition when you need it?  Bankers and CEOs believe that the only ones they owe anything to are themselves.  Well, death to them all.  And by the way Tim Cook, why are you carping about Indiana when you have offices and do lots of business in those African and asian countries that routinely violate the rights of gay people as well as routinely jail and execute them?  You stupid hypocrite how dare you cop an attitude like that.

So people, what are we going to do?  Elect Hillary Rodham clinton or Ted Cruise?  Surely we can do much better than that.  Women, what is Hillary going to do for you personally, a member of the little people?  You are too busy feeling engaged and empowered to notice that she is picking your pocketbook and the pockets of your children and grandchildren for her own gratification.  If she were a man you could at least claim you were getting screwed.  And all you black people who want to vote for Hillary.  What did she ever do for you?  Do you have tow chickens in your pot and an Audi in your garage?  Is she going to make sure that you have a job?  Oh, please, she can’t even insure that her son-in-law can pick winners for his hedge fund.  But don’t worry, his losses will soon be your losses, I mean, Chelsea got the feed her baby.

Do you see what I mean about attitudes?  Our politicians have become the best politicians corporate money can buy.  Your political contributions are nice for the locals but don’t think it means anything because it doesn’t.  When you give money to Al Sharpton all you do is encourage him to ask for more, not to deliver justice.  My god, if he could do that he would be out of a job in a minute.  The man’s gotta eat, don’t you know.  Someone has got to show you that inane protesting is the way we change the world.  And He is going to keep changing that world as long as you have money to give him.  Actually, just to make it easier on yourself, get your congressman and senator to sponsor a bill to provide him with a government income at taxpayer’s expense, it’s the fair thing to do.  Well, maybe it’s time we all started checking our own attitudes.  If we really want things to change then we all need to change our attitudes and get rid of the support for the wrong people, the wrong purposes, the wrong perceptions we hold.


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