Am I Ready For Hillary?

I grew up in the Fifties, so that question sounds more like one that comes as a public service message from the Department of Civil Defense.  The Cold War was on and families were urged to know where the nearest air raid shelters were located.  It was suggested that those living in the suburbs should make part of their basements into shelters and if they had no basements, then dig their own shelters.  These shelters were suppose to have upwards of one to two months food and drinking water supplies.  The air should be filtered and Geiger Counters, if one could afford that purchase, should be available as should flashlights and batteries.  Radios, they still had tubes then, along with hand powered electric generators should be kept in good working condition.  I suppose we were the original survivalist generation.  The point was that the Russians could launch an attack of long range bombers carrying atom bombs and try to destroy the American way of life.  They could have saved themselves the expense, we seem to have done that ourselves.

So, am I ready for Hillary?  Well, can’t say as I am.  What is she going to do for me, an old white male?  About the same thing she is doing to her husband in name only, the man who is an honorary grandfather at best when there are photos ops.  I am sure she has her agenda, to reign as the first Queen of the Rodham, I mean Clinton, dynasty.  I don’t know if America is ready for an old ugly white woman to be their leader.  I can see electing Barbara Bush as the first Mom of the United States, perhaps even the first Grandmother, if you like.  But Hillary as Mom, you’ve got to be kidding.  She has as much warmth as any cold blooded reptile on a day below zero.  Of course if she had her way she would simply elect herself as Dictator of the World because us little people don’t know what is best for ourselves.  After all, we had our chance to elect her and whom did we choose, the janitor in chief, Obozo, twice!  Well, she has a point on that score.  I would believe that Hillary may well have done a better job.  Of course her choice for Attorney General would never have thought of going after the law breaking banksters and I doubt very seriously that if she is elected it would be any different.  She is far too beholden to the banksters and uber wealthy CEO of multinational corporations to ever take any legal action against them.  No, Hillary never met a dollar bill she didn’t like and didn’t want.

Not that I am ready for Jeb Bush or Mario Rubio (who, I believe cannot be elected because he doesn’t meet the eligibility requirements).  Ted Cruz strikes me as a loser and neither Walker nor Christie, nor Perry would be any better choices.  I think I would take a flyer on the Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul.  On the other hand, Hillary just may win.  She is the ultimate snake oil saleswoman, the ultimate Powder Puff Girl, the Vacuous Politician for whom substance in thought is to be avoided.  And if she were elected and the Republicans passed an act repealing Obamacare she would sign it just to spite Obama.  How dare he not take her side, how dare he and his leak the email mess to the press, how dare he be disloyal to the Clinton organization.  No, take away his legacy, sure bet.  Hell hath no furry as Hillary, even the Devil is afraid of her. She would clean house, fire a lot of people in government service.  Then she will reward her faithful with lucrative positions in government agencies where they can make a lot of money in a few years.  I’m sure she has it all planned out.  Eight years in office, maybe pass an amendment to allow her one or two more terms.  She would want her grandson to enter politics and keep the dynasty alive.  All hail Hillary, every child to be named after her, the boys will be Hillary and the girls Rodham.

In foreign affairs there will be no greater leader of the free world, starting wars and freeing all the surfs of evil dictators.  So what if radicals hijack the newly established democratic government, she is the ultimate freedom fighter, supplier of arms to all.  Even Putin will learn to fear her.  At home, college for all and jobs for all, even if the government must supply them.  Of course you white males, unless you are gay or transgendered (oh, that’s right, you can’t be a male and be transgendered at the same time, silly me) will have to go to the back of the line.  No, I am not anti gay nor am I anti minority, I am merely stating what the political sentiments are at the moment.  We, as a society, are becoming much too polarized for our own good and I am sure that with Hillary’s help we will exceed that general polarization greatly.  No, with Hillary I am ready for the extreme stupidity of correct political thought (anything Hillary believes) to beat to a bloody pulp any hope of intelligent and rational thought.  She will pander to the populace in order to sell her programs, most of which will be ill thought out and totally unaware of the consequences to come.  She and Bill did as much to wreck the economy through expansive credit and removal of legal oversight of the financial sectors.  Don’t expect her to put any of that right, she won’t get the donations to her campaign nor to her charity (herself and family).  Will she be elected?  I would hazard a guess that because she represents all that is wrong in American Politics, because she represents that fraud of progressive liberalism thought, she will be elected and anointed as Queen Hillary.  Besides, we would marvel to see Bill as the First Lady, so to speak.  I wonder how many young twenty somethings will sign up to be his personal interns?  Better buy a couple of cases of KR2 spot remover.  So get ready for all the campaign slogans, like: It’s My Turn Now, I’m Next In Line, You Owe It To Me For Voting For Obama, Twice!  I Can’t Handle The Truth And Neither Can You.  I Don’t Know Anyone Named Ben Gaussi. Vote For The Wife Of My Boyfriend.  Interns for Hillary and Bill.  I’m a Pepper (Hillary), Bill’s a Pepper, wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper ,too?


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