The Irony Of Our Police And Sheriff Members

The irony of our police, from city to county to federal, is that their misdeeds are covered up, supported at all costs, and no one individual, supervisor, or superior is held accountable.  Yet it the always the taxpayer who pays for their misdeeds.  The fact is, our police in all forms are not being held accountable for their actions.  The various city officials do not demand accountability nor do the chiefs or other heads of the law enforcement agencies.  While we do not have a great many outrageous violations of human rights by the various policing groups we do have a significant number of incidents that call for greater actions against those who perpertrate them.  The fact is, which cop do you trust, if any?  This is a valid question for without the public trust the police departments cannot begin to fill their functions.  Being a cop is mire than being given a badge and a gun and the right to do what you please.  In many ways, the job is a precarious one.  It calls for greater judgment than at least a quarter of those in the police forces can muster.

The Oklahoma pretend cop, yes, I know that is not what they call them but it is the same thing, is now taking vacation after shooting and killing a suspect.  My god, that Play cop in well beyond the age where any member of any police force would accept his help as a valid attempt to be an assistant unpaid cop.  Simply put, the man was too old, too untrained, and should never have been riding with the real cops.  Oh, he made a mistake.  But it cost a man his life, regardless of whether he was a felon or not.  What gets me is that that toy cop actually paid to be there, gave donations to the county sheriff’s department.  Do you believe that there is a conflict of interest?  Now multiply the number of these play cops and ask yourself, do you really want such people carrying guns and badges and taking part in arrests where they might confuse their taser with a pistol?  The weight alone of that pistol should have told him that he had a firearm in his hand.  Frankly, send his ass to jail for ten or twenty years and yank all these play cops off the street.  We, the taxpayers, don’t need the financial burden.  Better yet, make that play cop pay the family for any wrongful death suit.

But those idiots of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office.  They can even do a simply arrest.  It turns into a high speed auto chase and then turns into a chase on horseback.  Then the man is tasered.  Watch the video.  There are ten to twelve sheriff deputies beating the crap out of that man for no reason.  Oh, the deputies said he utters fighting words and violent threats of physical abuse.  Yeah, right, I really believe that, don’t you?  You have the man in a headlock and several other deputies holding his body down and you expect me to believe that you  really believe you fear for your life while he yells that he is going to kick your ass?  Oh please.  You might as well have shot the man for attempting to escape.  Yeah, big time criminal.  What was his crimes?  Identity theft.  Was it done at gunpoint?  No, no weapons were used.  Did he attempt to strongarm people for their passwords?  No, no threats of physical violence.  Yet the deputies were in that rage to capture his ass, like a pack of wild dogs.  They were willing, like any pack of wild dogs, willing to tear him apart without any thought or remorse.

So what happened?  The county of San Bernardino settles the excessive force lawsuit for $650,000.  Crime does pay.  And the taxpayers are on the hook for the actions of these deputies, whom a few many have suffered back injuries and want compensation.  Frankly, that settlement should be taken out of the deputies retirement funds and the lot of them should be fired.  And fuck their medical suits.  They acted illegally with malice aforethought.,  Let them pay their own medical bills.  If the police departments started doing that, then their officers would stop to think about their actions.  Do I run after the suspect and then perhaps fire upon him and cause grave bodily harm or death or do I rethink my actions?  Let’s face it, our cops have the wrong idea of law enforcement.  The Supreme Court has ruled that no policeman, sheriff, of federal agent is obligated to sacrifice his life to prevent a crime.  In fact, that same court has rule that the police do not have to stop any crime.  Their job, according to the court is to investigate a crime and arrest those who are suspect of having committed such crime.  Well, if that is the way it is, then why do we not only accept police acting over the top but rewarding them for having done so?  For every act of heroism these same “heros” seem to cause several acts of brutalism and civil rights violations.  Meanwhile their unions keep insisting of extravagant compensation, excessive benefits, early retirements at close to full pay, and excessive overtime payments that count towards retirement benefits.  Our cops are little better than thieves at the public trough.

I am disgusted at the lack of honesty, the lack of accountability, the lack of respect for the citizens of this country, and the lack of integrity.  It makes me wonder that if I ever say a cop in trouble, fighting for his life, would I stop to help him?  The big question is: Why should I?  If the best I can expect is to be ignored by the cops and the worst is that they would kill me as soon as look at me, then what would it pay me to help them?  It is a matter of quid pro quo.  You look out for me and I look out for you.  There is an implicit contract between the police and the community they serve, not police.  We need to take a much closer look at the relationship and decide what it is that we really want.


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