What Hath God Wrought?

That was the first message to be transmitted over the Trans-Atlantic telegraph cable.  At a time when official communiques took a several weeks to go to and from the American continent and the British Isles (as they were fondly know back then), the idea of almost instant communications, at least for that time when the delay might be one of only hours instead of weeks, this idea of “instant communications” promised both good and bad effects between the two governments.  Granted, Britain and the Continent already had telegraph communications and before that semaphore (you may wish to look that up in Wikipedia).  But now the rest of the world could be connected through copper cables insulated by rubber, jute, and pitch while being strung along the ocean floor from continent to continent.  True, one still needed relay stations between Australia and Britain, but that was a small price to pay for the ease of access to remote corners of the earth.  Just as Reuters and its semaphore network literally changed the face of nations so the telegraph, and later the telephone, complete that sweeping change.  Spies could not send telegrams in code instead of having to rely on mail service or pigeons.  Indeed, the stock market ticker tape machine was nothing more than a repeating telegraph network.  So completes our history lesson, now on the British politics where we ask the same question.

Historically the two competing political parties have been Labor and the Conservatives (still called Tories).  Liberal Democrats broke away from the Labor party, along with a few more modern Conservatives and those who were allied with Scottish and Welsh independence but have always been a minority.  Any power they may derive has come from forming a coalition with one of the two major parties.  But UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party, the one most dedicated to getting Britain out of the European Union (it has cost Britain far more than it was ever worth to belong to the EU), curbing immigration, and making government more responsive to the voters, so much for the political advertisement, now threatens to become a far larger threat to both the major political parties.  Actually, so many of those who vote for UKIP are Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, along with a few labor party members, and this portends great distress on the two major parties.  The problem is that it is very unlikely that either one of them will win the majority and thus need to form a coalition government.  Labor will have to try and count on the Liberal Democrats but that may not be enough to signal a clear majority.  The Conservatives, on the other hand must court UKIP as it is expected to do well.  In fact there is speculation that UKIP may pull enough voters from the Conservative party to actually win a majority.  But if not, than that puts UKIP in the drivers seat.  The Conservatives know that UKIP has its own agenda and will not be dictated to as a junior partner.  This bodes ill for David Cameron, the current Prime Minister.  Ed Miliband will have his hands full with the Liberal Democrats who now sense that they have real strength for the first time in their history.  The real winner is Nigel Farage, that flaming brand who rails against the European Parliament’s attempt to overthrow established governments and dictate a highly socialist ideology that smacks of a revival of communism.  I think Barroso and company are trying to make history rhyme again.  What happens this year in the general British elections will affect our own elections.

Right now, to use symbolic, the current presidential election contest is Hillary and not Hillary.  If the British people no longer trust the Conservative nor the Labor nor the Liberal Democrat then politics as usual is greatly threatened.  We see the reflection of our own political mirror.  Hillary, and family, are proving to be a bunch of greedy self interested politicos of the worst kind.  One is reminded of that period between 1880 and 1910 when political corruption was at its worst.  The Clintons have revived that time with a vengeance.  Bill was the old fashion Ward Healer, ready to make deals in order to further his own ambitions.  In matters political he was amoral and without conscience, but he wasn’t quite the evil politician seeking ultimate power.  On the other hand, he was, in his personal life a very immoral man.  He was and still is a serial rapist at worse and seducer of women at best.  That is not much of a legacy to leave your grandchildren.  And yet, feminists have repeated come to his side announcing that he has done so much for women.  I do find it hard to believe that such very smart women have chosen to use the wrong preposition.

But Hillary is the one who has had such blind ambition from the start.  Did she marry Bill because she was in love with him or was she shred enough to see that he could win public office and thus be a source from which to draw her own power base.  She has been describes as being somewhat cold in her personal life which hardly makes for winning elections for public office a even chance.  No, she needed a work horse and Bill was it.  Now she could work behind the scenes and build the family fortune, both financial and political.  She could wield power as the political wife.  And when Bill was elected she thought her name was on the ballot too.  Now some have questioned whether she can handle the truth.  That is the wrong question.  Hillary is very cynical about the truth.  How do we know this?  Because no one would go the the lengths of deception that she has pursued past and present if she didn’t think we are all idiots who can be led to lies and made to believe them  She is a sociopath.  Does she know the difference between right and wrong?  I think so.  But she is an immoral person in that regard, she doesn’t care.  She still feels that she was suppose to be elected president in 2008.  Obama took her place in history and don’t think she has forgiven him.  If she does become president look for her to try and undo much of what he believes is his rightful legacy.  She would even help the republicans to undo Obamacare in exchange for her own brand of healthcare legislation.  She might even go after some of Obama’s staff legally just to make sure that Obama is no future factor in politics.

So she will sell top government posts to all the Friends of Clinton and their foundation.  When she is president look for Bill to be out there giving even more speeches and lining up more deals that will ultimately make them billionaires through their foundation.  And if the world is luck they might spend 10 percent of their income on charity.  But the idea that somehow they can groom Chelsea for some sort of political position through election is a grave mistake.  Americans don’t vote ugly and Chelsea is ugly.  The bet is that Bill is not the father but a former friend of the family who helped make Hillary rich.  On the other hand, we Americans find it hard to vote for an ugly woman who wears only expensive designer clothes while averring that she doesn’t care about money.  Right, yeah, sure, we believe you.  Not!  Unfortunately Hillary is the only high trump card the Democrats have, but she is not the ace.  And unless the republican candidates can get themselves organized they will never be ready for Hillary.  The only one I see who would appeal to enough turnout voters is Rand Paul.  All the rest are nothing more than the seven dwarfs and about as appealing.  Hillary may win by default.  If she does, I fear for America.  And she may go down as the first president to be impeached, tried, and convicted of criminal wrongdoing, of corruption to the extreme.  You know, the former governor of Virginia and his wife were convicted of corruption, selling political favors.  Yet there were no smoking guns, not one recorded exchange of favor for money.  The Clintons had demonstrated a pattern of behavior, that if brought to court and vigorously prosecuted would net both of them twenty years in the federal pen.  That is an amusing thought.  Would they still get Secret Service protection in prison?  I’d love to see that day come.  But I have little faith in most Americans, they will tolerate graft, corruption, and extortion in their political favorites.  Politics is like religion, no one wants to admit they don’t truly believe.


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