The Ipcress File

This was Len Deighton’s first novel and I must say that it started out well.  Unfortunately the ending left a lot to be desired.  Writers can’t leave well enough alone and if I had my say I would have cut some twenty pages off the end.  But that is a personal opinion, for what it’s worth.  The film was very different in many ways.  The emphasis was different and the story tidied up for 120 minutes worth of film.  That’s the problem with almost all novels, they do not translate smoothly to film script.  The rare exception is The Third Man by Graeme Green and the script was written first, then adopted to the novel form, just as 2001: A space Odyssey was written in the same vein.  But I enjoy watching Michael Caine play Harry Palmer, he does it so very well.  So the world is safe once again and it only took 2 hours in which to accomplish that objective.

My muse tonight is Chateau Les Rochers, a Montagne Saint-Emilion, vintage 2009, a most excellent year for those of you who are enophiles.  That means wine lovers to the uninformed.  When I lived in the Silicon Valley I would get a lot of unwanted callers, such as salesmen and other idiots.  So I would answer the phone with: “City of San Jose, Office of the Enophile.”  Ah, what sweetness, hearing those poor ignorant people tell me they were sorry for disturbing me, a suppose city worker.  I doubt if any of them ever took the time to look up the word.  It means wine lover.  Which is what I am, so I did not lie, I just didn’t tell the whole truth/  By the way, the wine is very good tonight.  For those of you who are reduced to drinking California Cab, lo siento mucho.  This is about a nine dollar bottle of wine that would take a fifty dollar bottle or more of California cab to match.  But back to the point, more or less.

The world is in a mess, Greece is going to hell, Merkle is being pushed by many in her party and outside of it to cut the Greeks loose, there is no inflation in the UK, the stock market is only able to muster a bit of high-Frequency trade from the computers that front run the market, and things have gone wacko in Waco Texas.  It’s a good thing that those motorcycle gangs aren’t religious or the FBI would have burned down the shopping center.  As it is, only one or two firearms were seized by the police, seems most of the people who were shot were shot by the police.  Well, biker gangs don’t have any rights, everyone knows that.  And according to the police no one has any rights except them.  One has to wonder as to the state of justice in this country.  Of course anyone who complains about the police and their lack of accountability is a cop hater and likely to be put on a list for possible investigation.  The poor often complain that the rich with their high priced lawyers get all the brakes.  That is simply not true, the police get all the brakes.  It they violate your civil rights, your constitutionally guaranteed rights, you can’t sue them because they were just doing their job.  My god, wasn’t that what the Nazi defendants claimed at Nuremberg during the crimes against humanity trials?  I mean, hey, cops are just regular people, just like your SS prison camp guards.  Just saying that we seem to have different standards that have nothing to do with equality before the bar of justice.  But as a society we are very poor at introspection when it comes to questioning ourselves what is right and what is wrong.  It is the human condition.

So we want to elect individuals who place themselves above the law and laugh when we catch them.  It’s all a mistake.  I didn’t have sex with that woman, although she may have had sex with me.  The corruption in government and business reminds me of the 1880s.  Did you know that the only members of the Senate and House of Representatives that are not millionaires are the newly elected?  Question?  Why do you still vote for these idiots?  Do you really think they will ever feel your pain, ever bother to do much for you?  Hillary has a plan to fix student loans.  Let students default a little bit on them.  Now she can’t, if she is elected president, forgive all those loans.  I’m sorry, but there are far too many pension funds that rely on the income from those loans and if they have to take haircuts because of political promises, than Hillary is not going to be elected.  Besides, that doesn’t solve the problem of student loan debt.  Well over half of your fees for college go to non teaching functions.  Out reach programs, athletic equipment, buildings, stadiums, coaching salaries, and so forth.  Well over half oy the money spent for an education is spent on other that education.  Got to pay for those new student centers for every minority.  Can’t just have one student center, got to have a black students center (whites not welcome), and woman’s center (males not welcome), and every other minority group.  Exclusion is the norm until one gets to the population norm and the the cry is inclusion.  We must be inclusive unless we are a minority, then we can be exclusive.  Man, I tell you, this country is in love with double and triple and quadruple standards up the yin yang.  Of course the one group you may discriminate against most aggressively is the older while male.  Everyone knows that the older white male has no rights, has no standing in society, has no hope that he will ever be treated with the dignity that everyone else demands.

God, this wine is good.  Suffer you peons, suffer.  So if I don’t believe that gays had a choice in their presumed sexual choices, then I must be a denier of their genetic condition.  If you ask just what is that genetic condition you are deemed a denier of scientific truth (almost all of which is subject to the inventiveness of less than scientific inquiry and rigorous proof.)  Anytime you ask for a standard of proof consistent with methodical practice one risks being both a denier and a hater of (fill in the blank group).  So many of these groups have become intolerant of scientific inquiry and rigorous testing standards.  And if one dare to disagree with the climate change scientists, then one is a denier and such scientists cannot have a scientific debate because one doesn’t believe in their assertions.  My god, has science become such a religious argument that we cannot seek even the basic truths without fear of being burned alive at the stake of public opinion?  At least the Catholic church has finally decided to accept the idea that the earth revolves around the sun. glory be to god.  If you were to ask what is one of the seven deadly sins, I would answer that ignorance, and in particular wilful ignorance is the worse sin one can commit.  Sloth, envy, all those wonderful human foibles are tolerable, it is ignorance and intolerance that are the worst of the lot.  I am intolerant of those who are intolerant.  Ha, parse that, you semanticists.  Yes, the town barber only shaves those who do not shave themselves.  Who shaves the barber?  Maybe she is a woman.  Ah, but then she would have to shave herself.  Love those contradictions.  Language is full of them.

Back to the Ipcress File.  Now listen to me…..Shoot the traitor, now.  I wonder what B.F. Skinner thought of the movie.  What would he have said in relation to how relevant the psychology of behaviorism and the non psychology of hypnotism in application to a sort of brainwashing, as it was called at the time?  In the film, Guide To The Married Man, one of the scenes dealt with the problem of getting caught.  The advice was, Deny,Deny, Deny.  I think Bill and Hillary have learned that lesson well.  What great revelations do Bill and Hillary have impart to us mortals?  Pay us enough money and we can make us both very rich.  So why vote for the bitch?  You don’t have enough money so you won’t get rich.  They don’t give a damn about you, so nothing will get done to change the situation.  And it all about her, not you.,  Voting for Hillary is its own reward.


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