The Clinton Foundation Mess

Time to bash the Clintons and their foundation once again.  But just to be fair I’ll bash other individuals and groups as well.  The fact is, we have returned to an era in the history of not only the United States but of the world.  And it is a repeating history, although not exactly the same every time, new wrinkles are added but the effects are just the same.  Andrew Carnegie was a Robber Baron, plain and simple.  So was Leland Stanford and John Rockefeller.  When we look back at the history of business development, that is as new businesses are developed according to the discoveries made by the many of individuals who were looking for some improvement or simply stumbled upon some new process or product, what we see is the initial trials that are the intellectual capital investments that lead to a new way of making something.  Very often we see a need arise and a way of meeting such a need.  Take glass, for instance.  Glass has been around a very long time and was often used in vases, bowls, and other vessels.  Glass use has been around since the stone ages (obsidian) and was made as early as the Bronze age.  Glass in the form of flat sheets, very small in size until the discovery of floating glass on molten tin or lead was in limited production.  The demand for glass grew in the middle ages as the nobility demanded glass window panes in their windows.  As wealth increases do to an increase in private business the demand shifts to the non nobility.  Along the way we can find the supply of glass controlled by craft guilds, merchant associations, government agencies (including tax collectors), and finally manufacturers who bought out others and combined their holdings into conglomerates and trusts.  The 1870s to 1910s were the golden years, if one can put it that way, for Trusts.  The use of the corporation had been limited until the Civil War.  Most business was conducted by sole proprietors and partnerships.  Those two business types suffered from personal liability whereas the corporation gave the owners (stockholders) limited liability for any civil or criminal problems.  The lone exception was Murder Incorporated (which never was a corporation).  But you see the point.  One could be the only stockholder and still escape almost all liability.  But one had to have a board of directors and several officers of the corporation.  Now if you wanted to hide ownership of a corporation, then you could create a legal trust that owned the shares and could control several corporations that way.  One could also create locking directorates by having many of the same individuals on the boards of different corporations and thus control an industry to the point of indirect monopoly power.  This made the prosecution of wrong doing against corporate entities very difficult.  The legal trust could be held by another trust and so on.  Disclosure was not mandatory.  So the Robber Barons made their millions (billions in terms of today’s currency) and then embarked on retirement and the noble distribution of wealth called philanthropy.  But philanthropy is often not charity.  It is not charity to be a donor to the Arts and Education.  How am I helping the poor by giving money to PBS or The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art?

Enter the Clintons in all their greedy glory.  Bill and Hillary never met a dollar they didn’t like to keep.  So Hillary, being the lawyer she is, helped to set up the new regulations for “charitable” foundations during Bill’s term of office as president.  Hey, it was an easy sell to Congress and I’m sure that many a Congressman/woman and Senator has used that bit of creative “charity” organization to hide their wealth from taxes and conceal donors in a money for implicit approval of whatever the donors wants.  I love the use of “Pass Through Dummy Corporations” to funnel money that is untaxed and virtually unaccounted for in terms of ethics issues.  Bill Clinton has always been a master con man.  Yes, we all know that Bill did not have sex with that woman, so obvious to the reader.  That woman had sex with him, yes, I see the difference.  I guess Bill din’t enjoy it or do anything more than endure passively her attempt at an act of sex.  And yes, the Clinton Foundation is an important organization in helping the poor and homeless and the hungry people of the world.  Why one year it actually gave 19% of the donations collected to helping the poor.  So what’s the difference between a Charity and a Philanthropist organization?  Simple, individuals who work for Charities are paid a great deal less.  If you go to work for Catholic Charities, the organization, you will travel coach, stay at Motel 8, and maybe make $35k a year.  Go to work for the Clinton Foundation you fly first class, stay in three or four star hotels, get a generous per diem, and six figured salary complete with tax dodge.  So what does Chelsea do that warrants her $400,000 a year plus generous benefits and travel allowances?  Oh, she has a master’s degree in international affairs, what ever that is.  Did she ever take any accounting courses?  What about some basic business management courses?  How about finance, did she learn the time value of money?  Oh, that’s right, she doesn’t care for money.  I can see that in her designer outfits.  If I had her money I would give a thought about the cost of designer clothes either.  And I’m sure her medical benefits are very generous.  I’m sure she is due for more plastic surgery in the future.

Now, just to be fair, we should take issue that the Koch brothers have their own Foundations through which the funnel money to political organizations as well as charitable causes.  Nor are they the only other ones.  The philanthropic foundations exist all over the place and some actually spend the majority of their monies doing good for the poor and I don’t mean the poor politician.  If it were up to me, tomorrow I would put an end to the majority of these foundations with their expensive executive salaries and compensations.  I have taken accounting classes on Charities and NGOs, I know the rules and I know that the Clintons are abusing them.  The Clinton Foundation is the poster child for philanthropic misconduct, it is the Clintons person piggy bank and should be taxed.  The Clintons should be brought up on charges of influence peddling and racketeering.  And yet so many who want good, clean, and honest government want Hillary in the White House.  We have entered a new age of Robber Barons and I fear that we shall only get rid of them when collapse of the country is at hand.


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