Jenner: Bruce, Caitilyn, Whatever

I am always amazed how many “celebrities” are followed by so many for being nothing more than a celebrity.  A celebrity is someone who is only good at getting themselves noticed by the general news media.  Bruce Jenner was an athlete in search of an occupation.  So he won a football scholarship to a no name teachers college and crossed over into track and field.  By the way, he did earn a degree in physical education.  Back then those individuals who could not make it into a regular four year college or university with the teacher’s colleges where the requirements and the education received was third rate.  If you had been the typical football hero in high school and were a mediocre student but much better athlete, you went to a teacher college because the regular colleges and universities didn’t want to have to carry your ass academically.  And if you were like Bruce you could expect to get your third rate degree in physical education and try to find a job at a public school as an assistant gym teacher or maybe become a physical therapist in a hospital at slightly above minimum wage.  But Bruce had talent, desire, and drive and thus became an Olympian athlete, a winner of the gold medal in the Decathlon in 1976.

The problem with both amature and professional sports is that once you career is over there is not that much you can do in life unless you’ve actually planned to find another profession.  Back before 1980, unless one was a star athlete one did not make the big bucks.  A few got the million or so and the rest were stuck with five figures, maybe low six figures.  And most athletes were never taught how to save and invest their money.  They were like children who never grew up.  Jenner was no different from the rest.  Four marriages that ended in failure and recriminations.  He was lucky that he had a business partner who could set up businesses that actually made money, if only for a few years.  The only “profession” Bruce ever really learned was sales.  He sold insurance policies part time while he trained for the Olympics.  The only successful business that has lasted is a private aircraft parts business where sales is a large part of that business.  As to his “acting” career, he never had the talent or really bothered to learn the craft.  He expected his celebrity status to carry him through.  He was a name with limited value and never really understood why that was so.  I met him once in San Jose at the San Jose Community College practice field back in the summer of 1969.  I was casting about for a school to attend once I left the service a year later in 1970.  I had my dreams of playing football at a junior college.  I knew I’d never make the cut at San Jose State College (now University), I didn’t have the athleticism.  It would be a last hurrah at youth and high school.  I had talked to him briefly and he struck me as a jerk.  First impressions are lasting impressions.  By the time of the 1976 Olympics I had quit paying much attention to sports.  I had a full time job and a full time education to attend, both I took seriously.

In this life, there are those who hold court and those who attend.  It s only natural, we, as humans, join various groups and every group has a pecking order.  Groups, including social groups, have shared values and shared goals, the leader’s values and goals are the closest to the average of those values and goals.  that is what makes them the leader.  And Celebrities are no different, they are the leader of their group or entourage whose main values are the claim to fame of the celebrity.  There are exceptions but not many.  And if one is a celebrity, meaning not possessing much talent in real life, then one has to constantly find “stuff” to do to keep one’s name in the limelight.  A bad performance in a broadway play that was mediocre at best is only good for a few months, maybe a year of notoriety.  A dozen television appearances with indifferent acting ranging of several years is good for minor television and radio talk show programs.  When you’re hot, you’re hot, and when you’re not, no one pays much attention to you.

So we now have the ultimate play for celebrity status.  A sex change, although it is really not a sex change, just cosmetic surgery.  Bruce’s chromosomes are still XY and not amount of hormone therapy or  plastic surgery will ever change that fact.  Bruce is still a man even if your eyes tell you he is a 67 year old former athlete posing as a woman.  Bruce will never be able to think or feel as a genetic woman does.  He will never go through the curse and it’s older sister, menopause.  He will never be able to conceive and give birth.  In short, the best Bruce can do is give a decent performance of a woman but never one of convincing possession of a woman’s soul.  In his alter ego, nice Freudian term that sums up the situation very well, as Caitilyn (why it couldn’t be Jane or Carol, or Betty, no, it had to be more popular modern, as if he was only nineteen), she will always be alluded to as the former male, Bruce, the former Olympian gold medal winner.  Meanwhile the transgender crowd will praise Caitilyn as being brave and courageous and strong for becoming that woman within.  With so many other people who have has so much courage in facing that fight against their disabilities, such as returning veterans, the Arthur Ashe medal goes to this jerk.  We are told that there is sex, the genetic expression of genes, and gender, that personality expression that tells us if we are male or female.  Okay, but if you are a male homosexual, which gender are you, or is that something totally different?  And if you are a female homosexual, then what gender are you expressing?  Okay, so now you are a man trapped inside of a woman’s body or a woman trapped inside of a man’s body, the idea that one is trapped is a bit far fetched.  And if I feel androgynous, then what gender should I be?

Well, that is the problem, isn’t it?  So many questions and so many fake answers.  It’s really all about excuses.  Nature put my female or male self in the wrong physical body.  Therefore, it’s not my fault for my behavior, it’s all nature’s fault, or God’s if one is a religious transgendered individual.  I find it interesting that the number of females trapped in physical male bodies outnumber those males trapped in physical bodies by ten to one or better.  But then we have come to see through the science of biology that the XY chromosome has always been the more unstable, subject to a wider range of disorders.  So maybe it’s not that a female is trapped in a physical male’s body as it is that the Y half of the chromosome is a bit irregular, even for a Y chromosome.  Now you have something to blame your behavior as expressed in your desire to act as a woman.  I can agree with that. And I really don’t have a problem with you wanting to dress and act the part.  I just have a problem with you always rubbing my nose in your bullshit and expecting preferential treatment.  That is my complaint.  I don’t care if a gay couple wants to marry.  In fact, I would like to do away with state sanctions marriage and make such unions legal contracts.  If one wants a “holy” or church wedding, a religious ceremony, I have no problem with that either.  Only the legal contract first and then whatever ceremony you wish to add.  But get out of my face and off my internet.  I don’t care if Vanity Fair is going to glorify Bruce “Caitily” Jenner for having tits and wearing a dress.  In the words of Obama, “Bruce, you didn’t grow those boobs, a doctor implanted them.”  As for a role model?  I can’t see any six or eight year old boy claiming the Bruce has given him the courage to grow up and become an Olympian athlete and the have a sex change.  That’s not my idea of a role model in any century nor any culture.  So go take lessons from your step daughter in how to now be a porno star in your old age because that will be the last “acting” job you will ever get.  Meanwhile, get out of my face!


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