There Be Too Many Dragons

There are days when it is very difficult to concentrate on just one topic.  The world cries out with the idiocy of so many dolts and one scarcely knows where to begin.  Bernie Sanders is pushing the joy of of Socialism, that wonderfully progressive and socially responsible political theory that will bring us the happy days are here again mentality.  What is it with these idiots that they cannot learn from the lessons of the past?  Why is it that they cannot figure out that their wonderful theory is anything but wonderful?  No government that has usurped the free market with a planned economy has ever lasted very long.  The USSR lasted about fifty years before it went bankrupt?  I know that sounds absurd, but the fact was the the dislocation of goods and services and the cost of such goods and services were such that the waste was appalling and the shortages were horrendous.  The problem with a planned economy is the absolute waste because there is no market forces to keep it honest.  That is what supply and demand is about.  Your basic economics 101 course won’t tell you this fact, but that is what supply and demand does, it allocates scarce resources and services according to the needs of society, assuming government does not arbitrary interfere.  There are individuals who grow apples and people who wish to buy apples.  But a government that plans for the growth of x number of apples does not factor in the number of apples that individuals may want.  If there are a surplus of apples then what is not wanted is left to rot, an expense because of the trees planted and the labor required to produce those apples and then the transportation and the storage and shelf space that all the excess apples generated.  Of course next year the planning committee with see that not enough apples are grown resorting in a shortage.  That tends to create a black market opportunity where a few individuals can make a large amount of money selling apples on the black market.  Planned economies tend to create extensive black markets to the detriment of the general population.  A black market is a very heavy tax upon the “poor” because they really cannot afford the black market prices but when they truly need something that only the black market can provide, they mus pay very dearly.

Now I was reading some idiot who is a “reporter” for a socialist media blog/newspaper/whatever.  Oh, he was going on that capitalism makes people work at jobs they dislike for too little wage.  Well, how inconsiderate of the employer.  Yet no one points a gun at the heads of these unskilled workers and tells them that they must accept the job and low wage.  I mean, how cruel can any one be to expect that if people don’t work for their bread they should go hungry.  The socialist state can provide the daily bread to keep the poor unfortunate unskilled people from having to demean themselves to take low wage jobs where their lack of skills means they are just a body to fulfil the needs of the job.  I remember reading the accounts of the settlement of Jamestown in Virginia during Captain John Smith’s command.  The individuals who signed on to populate the settlement were, more or less, the dregs of society.  That is, few had any useful skills.  They generally did not know how to plant and grow food.  They were lousy at construction practices in the building of simple cabins.  But it was a socialist’s dream world.  Share and share alike.  Well, if you felt too sickly to go out and till the weeds and water the corn or vegetables, someone else would do it for you.  But meantime you received your full share whether yiur worked or not.  This is the socialism ideal.  People should not be forced to work if they choose not to work and yet they should still get a full measure of the goods and services.  Well, those who did the hunting got tired of seeing those who couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger to help with the farming or the hunting and still expected their full share.  Think about it.  You work your but off and some jerk who doesn’t gets the same share as you.  Where is your incentive to work?  What if we all sat on our collective buts, then who would do the work?  So those who did the hunting and a few of those who did the farming met with Captain Smith and laid down the law.  We who work will sell to those who want the fruits of our labor.  If those who don’t work can’t afford out prices, tough luck.  And if you don’t agree to our demands, we will only hunt enough game to feed ourselves.  The rest can starve.  Honest people want a free market because it keeps people honest.  Now for the old and lame we are willing to make some allowance, we are willing to provide the basic substance that keeps body and soul alive.  But we are not willing, or should not be willing, to provide the life of ease to such a class.  For those who will not work, let them starve and good riddance.  Socialism promises the easy life, one need not work to reap the benefits.  Only we forget who provides those benefits.

Then we have Hillory.  My god!  Haven’t any of you Hillary supporters figured out that she doesn’t give a damn about you?  Oh, she feel the pain of minimum income wage earners, does she.  When was the last time her belly was empty for a week?  When was the time she had to work several part time jobs to feed her children?  The woman commands $250,000 per speech and that is just the basic fee, doesn’t include all the special expenses she demands.  This woman knows your pain?  Give me a break.  She panders to all the special interests for votes and it will not matter how opposite those interests are.  Talk about a used car salesman.  She is going to put women first?  Ah, where?  Oh yes, income equality.  So that means that there will be legislation that forces employers to pay everyone the same salary regardless of ability?  That’s like minimum wage.  Raise it to $15 an hour and watch the layoffs of minimum wage workers as they are replaced with robots.  Of course that will happen.  And where one can’t replace with robots, the business folds.  Oh but she is for the small businessman.  Except she will drive his costs up by extraordinary lengths catering to all those unskilled laborers.  Do you really trust a woman who can talk out of both sides of her mouth at the same time?  Oh well, we have to have a woman president.  I have no problem with that but at least pick a much better person than Hillory the greedy.

Bill Gates, the rich idiot, says we need more college graduates.  Why?  We have so many who can’t find a job as it is.  You know, there was a time when those who needed vocational training could attend a vocational school and learn a trade.  But thanks to Congress and the several presidents, we no longer have work that requires vocational training.  There were also the old business schools that taught bookkeeping and clerical skills and a little management.  No college degree, just good basic skills for those who would never rise to the executive office level.  My god, I learned double entry accounting and cost accounting and a host of other accounting skills.  Now we have computer programs that negate all that knowledge.  Do you get the feeling that something isn’t right?  Yeah, all those skills have been outsourced to foreign companies where the skill level is lower but very much cheaper.  Oh thank you trade agreements.  So what kind of college degree was Gates talking about?  Ah, the man was not very specific.  He was just a shill for the college loan program.  Go get yourself in great debt and live life on the edge of survival.  Why not tax a lot of his billions to pay down the student debt load?


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