The Myth Of Institutional Racism

I was watching a video on Vox, a progressive news website. The Subject matter was aimed at showing that institutionalism racism was all around us, simply a matter of course that we all accept and thus the black community faces extreme prejudice at every turn while living in this country. I have watched many other videos of this nature and the premise is disturbing. Essentially all cops are racist, all bankers are racist, and the list continues to show that if one is black one may as well leave the country.  Indeed, one wonders how any Black man or woman can find a job, earn a living, and raise children with this sward of Damocles hanging over the collective heads of all Black people.  I would expect to see the riots in the streets as we had in LA and Detroit, Chicago and New York, and the rest of the country in the summer of 1968.  In many states the National Guard was called out to keep order in the streets.


I was a bit too young to have paid any attention to Brown Versus the Little Rock Board of Education, I was only five and civic event beyond my comprehension.  But the protests that came after were reported on television and an almost daily part of my life.  We had three main channels for our television viewing, NBC, ABC, and CBS.  The reporting and, more importantly, the analysis of that reporting, became a concern to many americans.  Yes, Racism, in capital letters, was the standard of the day.  Not doubt about it, it was our way of life into the sixties and seventies.  I lived it those times.  I remember seeing the water fountains that were labeled white only.  To my way of thinking that was an absurd sign.  What, we all going to catch cancer and die?  In made no sense to me.  Restricting the “Colored” to the balcony in a movie theater seems absurd, I mean, where else do you take a girl when you want to make out?  Yes, I show my age.  This doesn’t mean I was not caught up in the crap of racism opinion.  But at least I bothered to do a little research.  Black boxers have a thicker skull and that is why there are superior fighters in the ring.  Not true, could find no medical reference for that bullcrap.  There were so many more “excuses” to discriminate against Blacks, and Mexicans, and Asians, and god knows what group, and the answer was always the same, the excuses were just that, excuses.  For every shiftless and lazy Black layabout, I met a hard working man intent of getting ahead, a Black man fighting for his due and winning that fight.  I was exposed to a world of Black comedians, some of whom had that distinct edge but were funny,  Others whose comments showed they their lives where really no difference than any other White American,  There was a common bond.  Comedy is that one true social medium that can bridge the social gaps in all societies.  One can listen to George Carlin (yeah, I know, he is ancient angry history) or Godfrey Cambridge (another ancient Black Comedian worth his salt) and feel the times, the histories, the truth of their words.  Comedy brings exaggeration of life, but it also brings a truism of life.  that is, a truism is is an exaggeration, it assumes that all classes are exactly alike.  Are all women really that ditzy and illogical?  Of course not.  Are all men incapable of understand emotional arguments?  Of course not.


The television show, In Living Color, a beautiful pun, my god, how much better can it get, was the ultimate comedy that could reach both Blank and White audiences and bind then together is common laughter.  Perhaps no other television program did more to bind Black and White peopled together in that common cause of color blindness.  Racism, Homey don’t play that!  My god, has it been twenty years?  And what have we come down to, from breaking stereotypes to creating more stereotypes!  You know, Martin Luther King did not make a business or a living out of racism.  He stood for that dream when all children would no longer be bound by the racist cant.  Do you understand what that really means?  And yet those who took up his cause, the Jessie Jacksons et al, made it a living, a meant to an end for themselves.  The kept hope of more racism alive, not freedom from it.  They made it a business, a means to an end, a living that kept them very comfortable.  Keep stirring the pot because it means more money for the “leadership”.  Then came Al Sharpton and the many others, and what was once a cottage industry became a big business, the business of racism, got to keep it alive, got to get that money, those donations and legal settlements and conscious money.  Got to shake down “whitey”.  Whitey owns us a living.  Got to keep Racism alive because it is profitable.


So now we have the new generation of black comics who can’t hold a candle to the Godfrey Cambridge and the many others who knew comedy, who gave it humanity instead of hate.  Well, it is a sign of the times,  Jon Stewart does “news”, only his news attempts to make political fun and any non progressive thinker.  His humor is based of distorted stereotypes.  We all know that anyone calling themselves is a bigot, an anti-intellectual, and  the antithesis of true enlightenment as decreed by the new progressive liberal  Thank god, all you atheists, the real revealed truth has been acknowledged on the Daily Show.  And so we go, ferreting out all hidden racism, its every where.  My god, did you people never hear of Joe McCarthy.  How many communists are in the United Stated Government?  As it turned out, rather ironically, quite a few, but only after his death where they discovered.  You didn’t die in vain, Joe.  But you are forgotten.  We might as well have the House Committee on Unamerican Activities, only this this we will accuse every White individual of Racism.  My god, where is Richard Nixon when you need him?


My point is that racism has become a very big business.  Racism by virtue of being White.  All these videos that purport to ferreting out racism really don’t ferret.  The methodology is highly suspect.  There are no control groups, no dependent and independent variables that are tested.  There are no rigorous control of the situation nor the groups that are purported to be institutional racists.  There is no scientific validity to any of these videos.  But the most worrisome part is that no science is intended.  One sets out to find racism and then sets the stage.  Viola, one finds racism where the evidence is sketchy at best.  Well, so what now?  What have we proven?  Did we give those who fail at life an excuse for their failure?  Will those on the bottom now be able to say that we whites owe them because some clown doing false research has shown that their failures are do to White people and not themselves?  Do you people who are pushing the racism button really understanding what you are doing?  Welfare destroyed the Black family.  Don’t believe me, go and research this subject for yourself.  The evidence is there, go and read it.  Now the professional race baiter, the professional racism researcher threatens to destroy Black America.  And for what?  What good can it possibly serve?  More hand outs?  More preferential hiring and college admissions?  If you can’t do the job, if you can do the scholarship, what have you gained?  So we give you a diploma, we give you that EVP in a company that spends its time making work for you.  What have you actually gained?  So we should give you a pass in life.  Except that means you are Black and incompetent and everyone knows it.  That is what this bullshit racism does for you,  It strips you of your self respect.  See, you can’t stand on your own two feet, we have to prop you up.  Do you understand now that if you keep reaching for the racism excuse that is all you have, an excuse?  It’s like wining a medal in the special olympics.  Everyone gets one for being handicapped.  You didn’t set any world records, you just shown up and got a meaningless medal that made you feel good.  That doesn’t say much for being Black, does it?


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