Silly Season Reminders

Paranoia strikes me, comes when you’re always afraid, step out of line and they come and take you away.  Lyrics by Buffalo Springfield.  I remember reading that when an AG Baer chemist discovered aspirin after the turn of last we entered the age of anxiety.  Society was a troublesome place and the approach of war was one of the looming menace to accompany that age.  The though that two pills of perhaps one hundred grams would ease our fears was fanciful but rather impracticable.  As a society, indeed, the world as many societies, have been through much of this before.  Elections come and go but politicians stay as unwanted guests the year round.  I hear there are some debates for the Republican candidates for president, not that I have been paying much attention.  I wouldn’t vote for any of them save to defeat Hillary or whatever clown the Democrats put up for election.  A vote for Hillary is a vote to make her the first billionaire president this country has ever had, and maybe the last.  Yeah, making it real…compared to what?  But people want action, they want their vote to count, which means they want their way when it comes to running the country and everyone’s daily life.  We must have universal healthcare insurance no matter the cost to the individual.  Hey, we can let the rick pay for everyone, they got money, right?  It works in Venezuela, right?  Or does it?  Cuba needs foreign exchange so it sends doctors to work in as many South American countries that will pay Cuba for such services.  Cuba needs gasoline and diesel fuel to run the autos and trucks on the Island.  Venezuela use to supply those needs but now it can’t even run the refineries it confiscated from the oil companies.  Socialism works until it runs out of other people’s money.

So we spread the word that more government involvement is needed, more leadership, and more accountability.  Well, there you go, the quick and easy solution.  Back in the 1930s, perhaps earlier, there was the saying that was most popular with moralistic speakers and writers.  “Let George do it.”  It’s not my job, let George do it.  George being the other fellow who would do whatever it was that we didn’t wish to do for ourselves.  Does your house need painting?  Let George do it.  Need someone to pick up the tab for a dinner and a movie?  Let George do it.  During World War Two the Army Corp of Engineers adopted that slogan as their own.  Need a bridge built to cross a river?  Let George, meaning them, do it.  Ranked right up there with “Kilroy was here.”  Another popular slogan that became a cartoon panel in the newspapers as well as a weekly or even daily routine on radio, all this long before television and iPads, was “There out to be a law.”  If one went to the theater to watch a play or a movie, one might have the bad luck to be seated behind a woman who was wearing a rather large hat that obstructed your view.  There ought to be a law against women wearing hats in a theater.  Did a used car salesman give you the double talk?  There out to be a law preventing that from happening.  Life is full of those “Ought to be a law” events and we could have passed a million of them.  Unfortunately we are getting our wish for in the criminal code alone there are well over ten thousand laws against all manner of criminal or not so criminal behavior.  Did you know that there is not one law that specifies exactly what constitutes insider trading in the stock market?  But there are at least two dozen that hint at the crime not to mention the number of court decisions that never quite get around to an exact definition.  There ought to be a law against that condition.

Back in the days when abortion was not an easy operation, yes, I know, for any woman that procedure is not an easy one, laws against performing abortions were as much for the protection of a woman’s health as it was an answer to that moral question.  Of course encouraging women to have large families was hardly encouraging her health and longevity.  Social mores often have contradictory effects.  But we have reached a point where contraception tends to work for most women and fewer abortions are needed.  The real question is why do we need government standing between a woman and her doctor?  I am not in favor of abortion upon demand as a contraception practice.  But I am a male and as such, the most trouble I encounter from limiting or prohibiting abortion is that I, if I am careless, may have an eighteen year mortgage I cannot default.  It is one thing to pay for having a child, t is quite another to have to raise it.  Well, what about the man that wants “his unborn child”.  Ah, the thought of forced pregnancy and childbirth, not quite the moral prerogative, is it?  No, I have to come down on the side of the woman, it is her interests that we must respect regardless of our religious convictions and beliefs.

And while we are looking to keep government out of the bedroom, let’s keep government out of marriage.  If two individuals, or three or more, need a government approved piece of paper, then let them consult a lawyer and draw up a contract detailing the various behaviors, the various rights, and the various duties they wish to assume as a group.  We do that all the time, it’s call a partnership agreement.  You want religious sanctions, go to a church and have a religious ceremony.  But for god’s sake, keep government out of your marriage and your family.  When we let government dictate human behavior it tends to screw things up.  Look at family law.  Children cannot be disciplined except in the officially sanctioned manner as described by the state and oh, by the way, that changes almost every year and no one bothers to tell you.  If you have ever had to deal with a very rebellious teenager, the first thing they tell you is that they will call child protective services on you.  Oh good, then let child protective services raise your ass.  Punishment does not solve behavioral problems but it does get their attention that you are serious.  Better to read Skinner and learn how to encourage or shape good behavior.  But what is this child endangerment shit about children walking home from school or riding their bicycles without parental supervision?  The number of child abductions has not increased.  When I was a kid I was pissed that no stranger ever stopped to offer me candy like my teachers always told me would happen.  Abduction and sexual abuse are usually family related.

Then we have the education factory system run on an industrial assembly line that increasingly costs more to educate a child and delivers less than promised and paid for.  This fight over teaching methods, over content, over food programs, all this crap needs to come to an end if our society is to survive intact.  Yet how many individuals vote for more invasive government action?  We seem to have a severe problem when it comes to education for teachers and other educational professions always claim the aren’t paid enough.  Well, what is enough?  And does that mean our children will become instantly smarter when the new pay raise goes through?  If you believe that you are a recent graduate of a public school.  Then we have to pay for more and more toys for teachers and associated professions to use that promise smarter children.  And yet, when they get to college most have to take remedial courses.  Of course colleges had been dumbed down a bit to suit the intellectual abilities of the average student, which is a bit low.  Most of these average students of today would have flunked out of the average collage of the thirties.  Think about that.

We have more government in more places than ever before.  Airline travel has become a nightmare.  Homeland Security misses nine out of ever ten handguns and bombs.  Makes me feel safer.  The irony of traveling by air is that first class passengers get a pass through the system.  If I were a terrorist and wanted to blow up a plane the first thing I would get is a first class ticket and then the bomb.  But better than that, book travel on those smaller private jets, that is where the money is.  Blow up enough of them and you blow up the economy.  Think of it, all those dead rich people with the heirs and corporations arguing over their estates, man, you couldn’t have a more devastating effect on a country.  I guess now I will be on the NSA’s list for coming up with that idea.  Don’t worry, NSA, you boobs, only poor people and dumb middle class want-to-be terrorists ever think of blowing up planes the old fashioned way, flying tourist.  So it continues, every thing ought to have a law against it.  You want green energy?  Better be prepared to pay double to ten times what you pay now.  But hey, at least you can feel good that you and only you are doing your part.  The rest of the world will pollute like crazy.  But solar panels and wind turbines are so efficient.  Well, if they are so efficient then why are we paying the manufacturers and operators huge subsidies to produce power that is sold for more than power from coal power generation plants.  Right, you government bests knows how to spend your tax dollars.  And when it doesn’t have enough of them, it spends money it doesn’t have and expects you to pay for that spending in the future with even more taxes.  You want to end poverty in this country, give every one an income paid by the government.  But watch out, you are the boob who will get stuck for that bill.  When everyone works for the government or gets paid by the government, then the taxes collected to pay for that illusion become one hundred percent.  People, the government’s money comes out of your pocket.  You want more government interference in your lives, you will pay through the nose for that privilege.  More government is a make work program for lawyers.


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