Sunday Morning Musings

I was working of a post last night but mu computer ate it.  Back in my day we could blame the dog for eating our homework, if we had a dog.  And yes, that actually happened once, the dog did eat my homework.  I had actually done my homework fro a change and the stupid dog ate it.  So I browse a few news sites, see what insanity has been reported, and then I sit and think over what I’ve seen.  The media makes a big deal out of reporting a whole lot of nonsense.  Do I really care what celebrities are doing?  I thought it telling that Hillary let herself be photographed in a “selfie” (god, how I hate that stupid term and practice) with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, two people of dubious talent, morals, and intelligence.  But if you need a larger pool of potential voters you go when the fans of stupid gather.  Well, it’s not like Hillary is kissing babies, how unsanitary for the babies.  Hillary is desperate enough to do anything to be elected president and stupid enough if she is elected to finally do the criminal actions that will get her removed from office.  She doesn’t have that winning personality to pull the protective shield of party politics around her.  Frankly, the world would be better off without the Clintons, they take far more than they give.

Megyn Kelly, what a dumb ass.  Hard hitting reporting and interviewing is not done by playing the social justice woman card.  Is Rosie O’Donnell fat and obnoxious?   Very much so, so what’s the problem?  Oh, political correctness, yes, that charge of gross stupidity.  My son isn’t retarded, he’s intellectually challenged.  Actually, when it comes to intellectual capacity the average American is intellectually challenges.  How can I say such a thing?  How many average Americans read more than one book each year?  And when they read e-books, is the material more than the feel-good crap written for morons?  A great many Americans get their news from American Idol or Ellen Degeneres or some reality show.  The average American can bestir him or herself to at least watch different news media.  If you watch CNN you would never think of tuning in to FOX and vice versa.  Not that you will get accurate and unbiased reporting from either source.  I never watch either, I get my news from a dozen different sources on the web.  The Financial Times, The Times of India, Singapore newspapers on line, various European news sources, and some from Latin and South American.  If I want stupid I read something out of the Huffington Post or the New York Times.  We, as a country, are remarkably stupid, ignorant of the world.  I think the English are even worse, looking at their news reporting.

So what about Donald Trump?  Could he be any worse than Obama?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Obama will go down in history as the worst president this country has ever had.  His accomplishments are not real accomplishments.  The ACA is a failure and will continue to cost the average American far more money for health care than if Congress and the President had removed the monopoly status that health care has enjoyed for so long.  There is a hospital in Oklahoma that only accepts cash payments, no insurance.  Their operations and procedures cost only 20 percent of what the average hospital receives from the insurance companies.  And remember, the average hospital charges far more than it collects from the insurance companies.  That “uncollected debt” that isn’t paid is submitted to the Federal government and a portion is collected from you, the taxpayer.  Our health care industry, far from being a source of healing is a parasite sucking the blood out of the host.  And now with the help of the ACA, the stupidity of the Supreme Court declaring health care to be a tax, and the IRS willing to extract the high cost of not enrolling in this supreme rip off of the American public, well, welcome to hell.

As for immigration, Latin America and South America send us their dregs of society and we are suppose to support these worthless people because it is the human thing to do.  Oh, that’s right, this is about social justice, whatever that means.  People, the point of having laws is to create some semblance of social order in society.  If we all do is only what we want to do then anarchy is the order of the day.  In groups, and we are all members of various groups, informal rules are established and often a formal set of rules instituted that reflect the informal.  One finds employment and the business imposes a set of formal rules while having a set of informal rules, the “culture” of the company.  then we are assigned to some work group where there are more rules, often more closely defined.  But that workgroup has its own set of informal rules.  One breaks these rules at one’s peril.  In cities and towns we have zoning ordinances that define the particular use of buildings and such in neighborhoods.  We normally like to have homes of similar size and quality in our neighborhoods.  If I own a two bedroom cottage why why would I want to live near a twenty story high rise office building or a ten thousand square foot mansion?  It makes no sense.  But the Supreme Court has now told us, through its decisions that support HUD’s idiocy, that all zoning laws are discriminatory.  Well, yes, that is the point of zoning laws, they discriminate according to use.  Yet Hud wants to invoke racial discrimination violation where it is a matter of economic discrimination.  It does not make me racist if I do not want to live in a ghetto with a bunch of poor people who think nothing of stealing from me or even taking my life.  Why a few may tell me that social justice demands that my neighborhood should have its fair share of housing complete with yards full of junk automobiles and appliances, of drug dealing with the attendant crime, and openly solicited prostitution, my sense of social justice says I get to live where I can afford to live.  For me, the fruits of my labor belong to me, not every one else who can’t be bothered to earn their way though life.

Poor Bernie Sanders, his rally and speech event was taken over by a group representing “Black Lives Matter” organization.  The audience that gathered never heard Bernie speak.  Instead they had to listen to the bullshit from two woman constantly haranguing the white community with general complain after general complaint.  So many of these organizations have grown into bitch sessions that collect a lot of money for little or no improvement in the community problems.  If black lives matter so much, then why are you going to Chicago or Detroit or New York and demanding that black people stop killing black people are a far greater rate that white cops ever thought of doing?  What has happened in Baltimore and St Louis?  The cops pulled back and the murder rate for blacks increased greatly.  Al Sharpton, are you that stupid or is it only the money you collect that matters.  After all, you don’t live in the ghetto.  You want “things” to change but you want to use mob rule to accomplish your ends.  Yet you can’t even define the ends nor the way to get there.  At least with the race riots the biggest goal was to rid cities and states and the federal government of discriminatory laws.and regulations while putting into place laws that helped protect against racial discrimination.  Hell, we got so many laws now against racial discrimination, sexual discrimination, gender discrimination, and a whole lot more.  So just what do these activists want?  I guess to act in a very disrespectful manner to any and all in positions of authority and the be respected for doing so.  Well, those in Baltimore sort of got their wish, the police stopped policing so the crime and murder rates increased greatly.  But Bernie raised his fist in solidarity (whatever that means) with the activists who denied him an opportunity for his speech.  Well, when you not only allow mob behavior and disrespect but encourage it you lose your own platform.

The American society never was that cohesive in real life, not even during World War Two,  We like to indulge in such inventions because it makes us feel good.  A sizable portion of the French population sided with the aims of the fascism of Italy and Germany and Russia (yes, communism is a type of fascism).  As immigration changes the population mix so too changes the culture and society.  Even language is not immune.  Before the Vikings took military and political control of England, the English language syntax was subject, direct object, verb, recognizing the contributions of the Saxons.  When the invaders from the fjords ruled England, they couldn’t be bothered to learn much English and the locals had to adapt to their syntax of subject, verb, and direct object.  It took a few generations to kick the Vikings out.  But all they got for their trouble was a political invasion of the Norse (Normans from France) and a fair amount of immigrants speaking an old form of a French dialect.  That lead to the English vocabulary to consist of about thirty three percent French words or their derivatives.  Our culture has changed a great deal, as to what is considered mainstream, that is, what most individuals identify as their culture.  I see that we are reaching a crossroads, one in which we must decide whether we value respect and cooperation more than disrespect and anarchy.  The outcome will be determined more from economic situations as a general depression tends to cause severe rupture in social relations.  If we, as a political entity, opt for a more fascist style of government then those who make a living out of race baiting and social discord will face consequences that may well include re-education camps and death squads.  When that time comes, then no lives will matter, black or white or brown or whatever color one might identify as one’s own.


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