Hillary Is the New World Order

Hillary’s two pronged attack on education is a marvel to behold.  Either she believes we are too stupid to understand the implications of her plan or this is another harebrained scheme devised by Wily E. Coyote.  The road runner of reality will go “Beep Beep” and the plan will collapse under its own weight.  Let us first take a look at her assertion that it is the right of every citizen to have a free college education.  I would ask where that right comes from.  It is certainly not granted in the US Constitution.  Perhaps she is alluding to the right of every child to have a free public school education. Except it ain’t free.  Oh the parents do not have to pay any fees to the public school per se.  There are property taxes and other forms of taxation and regulations that take money form the public in a forcible manner (either one pays or they take your property away, hardly a request on their part).  Of course every year the schools send home to the parents a list of schools supplies that are necessary for the child to bring to school for use by the school.  Note that your child’s supplies may be taken for the benefit of those who could not afford their own supplies.  And if your child does not qualify for that nasty free lunch then he or she must buy that same free lunch from the school, no brown bagging allowed.  Then there may be use fees for computers and laptops.  And don’t forget that attendance is mandatory, your child must attend school.  And you must have them vaccinated and otherwise certified as healthy to attend such schools.  In fact, one finds that the school will dunn the parent to fund special events, provide special supplies, and otherwise shell out money for the privilege of attending public schools.  Granted, one does not take out student loans for this attendance, but attendance is not exactly free.

So the idea that a citizen, as a child, has the right to attend a public school free is absurd.  It is a duty to attend the public school and often they have little choice which school they may attend.  And we all pay for this public school system that is wholly unresponsive to the public and the parents of children who attend.  But now, suddenly there is a right to a free public college education.  Imagine, one should be able to register for college classes and never pay the course fees, the lab fees, the student body fees, and all the other fees that have come into existence that support all the non educational programs on campus.  Is this a proposal to lay off half of the non teaching college staff?  Don’t hold your breath on this one.  Public colleges and universities are already supported by public tax money.  The federal government gives grants to colleges and universities to administer many Federally mandated programs and outreach projects.  The state does the same.  Yet students are dunned with special fees and assessments for even more programs.  Thru, there may be endowments for special purposes, but the average undergrad rarely sees their benefits.  Administrators out number the teaching by at least three to one.  Sounds a little top heavy to me, does it to you?  But your college loans pay their salaries, so it must be important, right?  Now if your college classes cost you five or six thousand a year, not including summer session and other work, then having someone else pay for this right you think you have will cost a pretty penny each year.  I mean, who does pay for your right?  The tax payers?  Most likely that would be a levy on real estate and if the local college has an enrollment of 25,000 students at say six thousand dollars a year, and I am being conservative in my estimates, then in a city where that campus is located could expect an increase in their property taxes of several hundred a year.  Remember that there will be more demand for entrance for that free education.  Of course if one does not live within an hours worth of travel, either by private vehicle or public transportation, then one must live close to the college or university.  Ah, now there’s the rub. affording that apartment and the food and the entertainment and all the extras that one must have to go to college.  Internet access, smart cell phone, laptops, all the other stuff that today’s young adult just has to have in order to attend that free college education.  I mean a car or at least bus passes, food allowance, pizza money, beer money, condoms.  It all adds up.  So I suppose that the student has a right to all these things too.  Well, home owner, get set for a thousand dollar increase in your property tax.

And then there are the books.  My god, what an expense.  I didn’t know that a hundred dollar math text could be so out of date after a year’s use.  Calculus changes every year as does accounting and basic biology.  And many times two or three texts are required.  Once can spend upwards of a thousand dollars a semester for text books.  I think we are pushing twenty to twenty five thousand a year for attending a state college or university, and that is a minimum.  Yep, Mr property tax payer, better get use to higher tax payments.  And how many kids can we expect will go to college if it is on someone else’s dime?  Fifty million?  That a cost of one trillion, two hundred and fifty billion dollars for someone’s “right” to a free college education.  But Hillary only budgeted 350 billion, chicken feed, really, for her program and that includes student loan debt forgiveness.  I miss it somewhere.  The figures don’t add up.  I mean she is talking about the right to a free college education, not paying a dime for it.  That’s what free means!

Well, perhaps it’s just the tuition that’s free and the kid or parent pays the rest.  that still means student loans and that still means debt paid out of future earnings, if any.  Of course the whole point of going to college is that one expects to gain employment suitable to one’s degree attainment.  I mean if you get a degree in petroleum engineering you expect to become a petroleum engineer.  Except there are very few openings in the US for such work.  New refineries are not being built.  Well, how about English Major, I could go teach in public schools.  Ah, the US is swamped with English majors, dime a dozen.  Can you flip a hamburger at minimum wage?  When everybody has a college or university degree then only those who win the job lottery get one of the few jobs available.  The rest of us flip hamburger,wait tables, or tend bar.  And let me tell you, the competition for those jobs is fierce.  Back about the turn of last century having a high school diploma ment your were set in the world.  Half of all public school students never graduated form high school.  A college degree usually meant a high paying job, although there were the exceptions.  By world war two, a college education usually meant that you would get a job, some job, and be better off that the high school graduate, of whom there were many more.  Even in the sixties one could get a college degree and count on obtaining decent employment, high school diploma, not so much.  But now, one needs at least a master’s degree and preferably a PhD to be guaranteed a decent job.  Meanwhile the quality of the degree has slid ever downwards because the demand by the uneducated consumer demands that a degree be granted regardless of worthiness.  The university and college establishment, that post high school industry, has been so busy dumbing down the curriculum that most degree holders would have a hard time passing the courses of the sixties.  And I guarantee that most students of today would flunk out if they had to take the course work of the turn of last century.  /so you now, by virtue and grace of Hillary, have a right to a free worthless degree.  and you shouldn’t have to pay for that worthless degree you now rent from the finance company.

As for forgiving your student debt, that never really happens.  It’s a shell game.  You see, that so called forgiveness is added to the national debt.  Let’s face it, so many public pensions bought your debt and to take them take a loss is unthinkable.  These pension plans are already under water.  No, your debt will be added to the national debt and you can pay that off at your leisure.  There is so much government debt (let’s not ever talk about state and municipal debt) that you will be required to pay it off.  And let me tell you, if your though your student loans bad, just wait for the debt piled way up high in the future.  I’ll be dead and you’ll be in debt.  Good luck and god bless Hillary and her Clinton Foundation.  You know, the only way Hillary can be elected President is if the Free Shit Army votes for her.  Think about it.


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