Hillary for Prison 2016

I have been following Hillary’s career since George took up residence in the White House.  I suppose if Bill had been able to keep his pants zipped she might have had a chance in 2000.  That was certainly the Clinton plan.  The consolation prize was the Senate seat for New York.  Of course the Clintons don’t play by the rules, not since Arkansas and one can’t expect them to start now. Hillary has always been covering up Bill’s indiscretions with women (amazingly, for the images of the women he chooses he tends to prefer a lower class of females) to the point that these women are terrified to pursue further action. Of course there are those authors who have documented all this much to the chagrin of Hillary and her dedicated following. Bill has always been a liar and sexual preditor, albeit a very charming one. He has enough charisma to make one believe that black is white, something Richard Nixon lacked.

But Hillary has been the more sociopathic of the two. Back in 1974 she served on the staff of the impeachment inquiry advising the House Committee on the Judiciary during the Watergate investigation. during that time her over zealousness in attempting to influence the House committee in denying Nixon any due process rights were censored by the chief Counsel Joan Doar. Of course so many of her supporters have played down these “little” problems as merely political chaff. But as a lawyer would tell a jury, it goes to show her character. One could speculate that had she not chosen to marry Bill and move to Arkansas, she might very well have made a name for herself in Washington DC, although given her character we may suspect notoriety instead of respected accomplishment. The problem with Hillary is that while in Arkansas she engaged in a series of not just controversial actions but ones that may well have been considered criminal. I would suspect that convincing individuals to lie for her was due more to the influence of Bill, Hillary is simply not that likeable.

Now at this point we must say that Hillary has done some good work during her time in Arkansas. The educational reforms that Bill Clinton signed into law as Governor of Arkansas were due in part to a prolonged and successful effort waged against the Arkansas Education Association. On the other hand the Children’s Legal Defence Fund saw almost a 400 percent increase in its budget during the years she was the chairman of the board of that group. She loves big government regardless of its effectiveness or lack thereof. She was a member and partner of the Rose Law Firm, long considered a “rainmaker” or better put, a lobbying group for the interests of their clients. She has always had this association with monied interests and is no stranger to accepting fees for influence. Walmart was a client of the Rose Law Firm and pressure was put on Sam walton to name a woman to his board of directors. That woman was Hillary and once she was there pushed Walmart to expand more environmentally friendly practices but was unsuccessful in getting Walmart to expand opportunities for women. She was strangely silent on the corporation’s anti union attitude and practices.

Of course the public is somewhat aware of her role as an unelected politician during her husband’s terms as President. It never occurred to her that she was not elected to the position of First Lady and that such a position did not hold any special duties. It is unseemly for a President to appoint his wife to a federal commission for it smacks of nepotism and undue influence. For a Rhodes Scholar he could be a very stupid man. Hence her appointment to the National Taskforce on Heath Care Reform and the emphasis she placed on her solutions became a rallying cry against a national health care bill. She never held a security clearance nor attended any National Security Council meetings but she did take an active part in many domestic and foreign policy decisions. I would not be surprised if Bill had given her detailed classified information, hence her unconcern with security laws. She also embroiled herself in other scandals, acting as the clumsy amateure drawing suspicion to herself and motives. And of course Bill continued to act the pervert leading to the Monica Lewinsky affair and lying to Congress, not that lying to congress is any great crime but to do that under legal deposition is criminal. Unfortunately the members of our political parties have adopted the position of “My candidate, right or wrong.” One expects this with a less educated group of supporters but when those with university degrees and so many of them lawyers to boot, well goodbye the American sense of Ethics of the educated class. The old doyens of the press, the radio and television news media would only hand their heads in shame and recall when politics had at least a modicum of honest, when it cared that there should be at least conduct better than lip service to the laws of the land.

The clintons are, without the slightest doubt one of the greediest of presidential politicians to have ever served, believing that they should be treated differently from the rest of the population. I think the Clinton Foundation describe the true characters of Bill and Hillary. They feel owed millions and even billions of dollars. It’s not just Americans who owe them that lifestyle but the rest of the world as well. The amazingly stupid part of Bill’s ego is that he worried so much about his “legacy” as president and yet has gone out of his way to destroy it in his retirement. History will not be kind to the Clintons. And while Bill may be charming in person, one dead he won’t be able to influence any biographer into lying about his deeds. As a Senator, Hillary was a nothing, more or less a waste of time. But she had to endure the Bush years until she could launch her own candidacy. I’m sure Hillary feels that had Bill kept his pants on she could have run for the presidency in 2000. Then came 2008 and Obama showed that the presidency was not some legacy to be passed around like the family jewels (sorry Bill for that reference). Hillary just didn’t have the warmth nor the desire to mix with real voters and charm them. Then came the years in the shadow of Obama playing at foreign policy as Secretary of State. Benghazi came as one of her ultimate incompetent actions. Well, it was only a state department employee, what did that matter? I love the attitude: “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” No, she never said that but she just as well should, the tone, the attitude, the lack of honesty, the uncaring, everying thing about her attitude told you that she will abandon friends, step on a lot of people, and sell her soul to get what she thinks she is entitled to have. She views the presidency as her entitlement. It belongs to her.

Now we have a national email scandal, another muffed attempt to wipe herself. Tell me, how can you convince the little people if you act as though the laws are for them and not you? The first real error was deciding to use her own email server in an attempt to avoid any transparency. But the courts have held, and she being a lawyer should have know and most likely did know, that when you mix your private email with your employer’s email, even though you own the physical server, you do not own any of those emails. Then there is the small problem that it is a federal crime, not misdemeanor to intentionally or unintentionally delete any record without authorization. It all goes into the safe keeping of the archives, even your private emails. the smartphones she used were unauthorized, meaning they were not issued by the federal government and therefore did not have secure encryption. So any email sent or received on that smartphone constituted a breach of security, a federal crime, criminal behavior. Finally, that email server was considered unsecure. Yes, the Secret Service guarded the house but a good hacker could have gotten through the security of that server. And a good spy could have made it into the house and gotten access to that service, it’s not like the security people don’t make mistakes, they make plenty.

Well, but see, Hillary says she never knowingly sent any email that was marked classified over her network. I think we are going to find out differently. Besides, she was in a position where most of her “work” email was considered classified. When you are in the military and your ship or unit is going to be moved anywhere, you do not tell anyone of when and where that unit is going. From day one that is impressed upon you. You cannot then say later you didn’t know such information was classified. You know that when you are the State Departments top man that all those conversations you have with foreigners are classified. It’s a given from day one. And one does not create copies to hand to a lawyer for safe keeping if that lawyer does not have both the security clearance and the permission from the government, not you, Hillary, to take possession of such material. That is a criminal violation. It is punishable with a minimum of five to ten years in federal prison. The FBI is investigating Hillary, not her email server. The server is being examined but she and others are being investigated, make no mistake about that. One of the reasons why is that the State Department employee who set up her home email server, one Bryon Pagliano, has refused to talk with the Inspector Generals office about the server. He did that twice, citing his fifth amendment right against incrimination of himself. People, you don’t take the fifth unless you know what you did was criminal or may be construed as criminal. That is why the case was given to the FBI. This isn’t a political witch hunt. This is a criminal investigation of the highest concern. Now we have news that Hillary’s emails are for sale. Well, the Romanian Hacker that hacked sidney Blumenthal’s AOL account downloaded most if not all available emails and found some of Hillary’s in that batch. The political appointees that looks at a sample of those emails chose to pass on buying them. I’m sure that the embarrassment of having thought they were doing Hillary a favor will come back to slap them silly. But if there is any back up copies of her server, and those whom she hired to maintain her servers would most likely have made back up copies and not destroyed them (IT people are not fools and there is a long history of a few IT people who have been caught both innocently and criminally wiping such files clean that I’m sure they would take precautions against being sent up the river) and at some time in the future that information will be made public. Hillary will never be elected. I think before the Democrat convention she may be forced to withdraw from the race. Frankly, she needs to complain of some health matter that has arisen and the need to withdraw. But should she win the party’s nomination I doubt she will make it to the election. I doubt that Bill will ask for conjugal rights, I suspect he has his viagra and pretty young thing, why bother to go see Hillary for a weekend? I pity the Secret Service Agent who has to guard her in prison.


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