Time is Of the Essence

Give me the Beach Boys and free my soul, I want to believe in your rock and roll and drift away…well, maybe I got the words wrong.  Yes, i have a tendency to do that.  I thought Johnny Rivers was singing about a Secret Asian Man, they’ve given you a number and taken away your name.  If there is a dyslexia related to hearing, I have it, big time.  But time is of the essence, is it not?  One can procrastinate but time is the important medium in our society, the reason for our existence.  Of course in contract law, time is a perishable item, hence a temporal factor.  Wait too long and one loses “time” for making contracts, for fulfilling contracts and obligations.  Essence is a legal term that emphasises the need for speed in contractual law.  One may sue for specific performance if time to perform drags on too long.  We place limits on contractual obligations when it comes to time.  We prefer that the contract be done now, not later.  We want those with obligations to act quickly, with due diligence to perform their obligations in a timely fashion or manner.  If we wait too long we might all be dead.  Hence, time is of the essence when we consider performance of contracts.

But it you speak to me of love, if you want me to know just haw you feel, speak to me now, tell me you love me.  This is the essence of time.  Tell me now before it is too late and I wed another.  Speak or else hold your peace.  If any man can show why this marriage should not take place, let him speak or forever hold his peace.  Time is of the essence.  Or is it love that is of the essence?  Not all love endures forever, sometimes it is transitory dependent of the essence of it’s being offered.  Did you ever listen to Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody of a theme from Paganini?  Ah, theme and variation, time is of the essence.  The subtitility of each variation is a time lapse of sound, it’s essence being the importance of the sound that describes each variation in time.  The relationship of time is the reference to space within our lives.  How does it occupy our attentions and provide us a sense of time and space?  How does love occupy our time, our sense of essence when it comes to a apace time continuum?  I love you, but for how long and at what intensity and duration?  What limits can we place on love?  One might as well talk about love as either an transitory medium or as a permanent fixture that knows no bounds.  So we say that Love is of the essence?  Interesting concept, to say the least.

So now we have substituted love for time.  You can spend all your time making money.  You can spend all your love making time.  If it all fell to pieced tomorrow would you still be mine?  Yes, I want to spend an eternity with you.  so we save time in a bottle.  Yet, the essence of time in a bottle is the ability to spend as we please.  We want to defy reality and concentrate out time and hence our love as commodities that can be traded on the open market.  Love for sale, time is of the essence for stale love carries a penalty.  Stale love is reduced to the fire sale consignment, bid and ask quotes are low, waiting for buyers to look over and confirm the cheapness of the transaction.  Perhaps we pursue timeless love, as if love had no time barriers.  Imagine that smooth fog of love without the ups and downs, the bumps in the night, and the stumbling in broad daylight.  Love that envelops, wraps the individual until that individual can’t tell love from any other feelings, so it disappears, evaporates from that touch of each sense, yet leaves a fog in the eyes.  Time and love have each lost their essence, become death like, inert.


Essence is of the essence.  My essence, your essence, our essence.  Distill us, twice, three times, then age us in oak barrels until time is forgotten.  Lo, till there is a single precious drop of our essence left to give to the world.  Let it sparkle in the sunshine, let it flow with all the colors impossible to name by vibrations of photons across the sky.  The purity of our essence is the brilliance of the sky at high noon, of the full moons glow when rising on the horizon when the night is clear.  It is the essence that gives our lives time, gives life love, and then consumes us in that fire, that fire which we come to know at the end of our life, that end of our time, as memory.  Memory becomes our essence, a gift to our children, to our friends, to those who follow centuries later.  It is not a memory of dates and places and accomplishments or failures, it is the memory of humanness we carry from generation to generation and pass along the long line of time markers.  Passing them like telephone poles, watching them blur in the speed of our lives.


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