UN Stainable Development Is Now A Science?

Science fiction, it has been duly noted, so very often precedes advances in science that some technologies have been predicted a century in advance. Well, perhaps half a century at least. Jules Verne predicted travel by submarine by about fifty years, recording that it was a very potent weapon against surface ships. Fair enough, but the most startling prediction was the use of that mysterious energy force that was very close to nuclear power. Traveling to the moon by various methods, the use of energy particle beams, even computers showed up in early science fiction. The one over arching requirement for writing science fiction is that one be well acquainted with a great number of scientific principles and devices. Progressive liberals bereft of science and math need not attempt to write this genre. Fantasy is closer to their genre.

So I was reading the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the next fifteen years. These goals are expected to be implemented by 2030 at the latest. It is worth noting that sustainable means that the goals will start out being implemented by those nations who will tax their own people to pay for all seventeen of these goals until the host countries are able to pay for the goals/programs themselves. That means that the OECD countries will need to provide the various host countries with the funds to implement all these goals. Of course the UN does not outline how the OECD countries should compel the hosts to correctly spend the money and implement the goals? What shall we do if a country is run by a dictatorship? do we topple that regime in the name of the incumbent residents and take over ourselves? Seems to me we’ve been down this road a time or two before and usually with very poor results to show for our efforts.


Number one on the list is ending poverty in all forms everywhere.  That is a notable goal and if one can eliminate poverty then it isn’t too difficult to end hunger, number two on the list, while also doing something about number three, insuring good health and well being, and number four, achieving quality education.  Now, assuming that we may be able to grow enough food for the entire world in the developed nations then we are faced with the problem of how does on distribute that food with minimal waste?  Or perhaps we need to encourage better crop management in the developing countries.  But not all countries are created equal in terms of agricultural resources.  The expanses of North Africa lack good or even mediocre soil and enough water.  So the problem of trying to let the locals do for themselves means that some go hungry, perhaps more than some.  And if the food raised is of lesser quality than what we can ship in, then by our interventions we will destroy that local agricultural economy.  Well, so much for number one and two.  Of course I see that the UN does not consider the possibility than one of the reasons some underdeveloped countries have poverty, hunger, poor health care, and lack of any real education is that the population has increased beyond what the land can carry.  There are too many people trying to live on poor or marginal land and when you keep having more children you have more mouths to feed and more dead children to bury each year.  It’s like trying to stuff twenty people in your Fiat 500 coupe, even if you could perform that miracle your car ain’t going nowhere.


Now number six, clean water and sewage disposal is another very good idea since the problem exists that poor water and lack of proper waste disposal leads to disease.  But this takes energy, electricity.  The cheapest way to generate electricity is through coal powered generation plants.  Oh, but coal is so polluting and leads to climate change (yeah, right, I’ll address that in a moment).  And natural gas is also a pollutant.  We need renewable energy such as wind power and solar power.  Except the wind doesn’t always blow on time or at speeds necessary to generate the required load.  And is solar energy really that clean?  Do you have the slightest idea just how dirty silicon chip making is and how much pollutions is involved in making those chips that change the sun’s photons into electrons?  And the cells have a limited lifetime.  They peak in power production after five years and remember that the peak of their performance is between 10 am and 3 pm during the day.  Well, we can use battery back up.  Lead acid batteries are the most efficient, Elon Musk is a con artist.  Lead acid batteries have limited useful lives.  People, electric power generation has always had costs.  All energy use has costs.  Even hydro electric generation has a cost and most damns have a useful life of hone hundred year, plus or minus and the turbines that come in contact with water are worn down from the friction of the water molecules.  And talk about climate change, what does the heat generated from the solar panels and other solar devices do the the local weather patterns?  Wind turbines indiscriminately kill thousands of birds.  So many of these socially aware environmentalists are idiot because they seldom bother to think through the consequences of their actions and choices.  It’s like ethanol in gasoline, you have to burn more fuel to go the same distance while in planting the corn one uses quite a bit of diesel fuel in the cultivation and harvesting of the corn, excess amounts of nitrogen fertilizer that ends up in the water ways and the gulf with a dead zone that now stretched almost five hundred miles from the mouth of the Mississippi River.  wow, who saw that coming and why are we still doing it?


So we continue with number 8, decent work and economic growth.  I love it, economic growth depends of either screwing the other guy out of his resources or it depends on increasing the population of consumers.  Hey, let’s screw each other first and then hve more children.  Number nine is equally stupid, industry, innovation, and infrastructure.  Yeah, what the world needs more of is the US Interstate system of transportation and connecting secondary highways and four lane boulevards so the locals can drive their cars…er, I guess they have cars, don’t they?  And let us not forget high speed rail transport, the kind that never pays for itself, always needs a government subsidy.  Number eleven is sustainable cities and communities.  Cities are sustainable, their a god damn expense.  Their governments eat up tax dollars and now they borrow their way to bankruptcy.  Sustainable, Hell!  They are concentrations of individuals and that means concentrations of powers, both economic and political.  Oh, we all need equal access to green zones and parks and playgrounds and whatever.  But someone must take care of them and that is where public union workers come in.  You, the tax payer, you are their deep pockets for raises and luxury benefits.  You are on the hook for their lavish lifestyles.  Hell, I’d love to have a job cutting city grass at thirty or forty dollars an hour.  I’m sure it takes the same skill that a neurosurgeon would need to exercise.  then number twelve, responsible consumption and production, which means what?  I thought that Milton, when he wrote Paradise Lost was a real putz.  And Marx, never worked a day once in his life and certainly never did any manual labor or even visit a factory to see how his proletariat were doing, man was that man ever a jerk.  But my god, these UN types are real morons.  I doubt that any of them could find the business end of a shovel with out help.  What a bunch of presumptuous nitwits.


Global Warming is not a reality, the satellite data has not show the increasing temperatures claims by NASA and that group.  The so called science has been faked, the models don’t work, the data has been manufactured, and now we see a plea to charge every “denier” with the RICO act and put in jail.  But, But, there’s a consensus of scientists.  that is an appeal to authority and nothing more.  It will never make false “fact” any the more true.  If a million people say a stupid thing it is still a stupid thing.  Yes, there is climate change, happens every year and no two years are ever the same.  The final idiocy is this little blurb, “Better science is needed to guide policy decisions for sustainable development.”  What science are we talking about?  Physics, geology, biology, medicine, just what science or sciences?  Oh, that’s right, sociology, which never was a science, never will be a science, and never had the foundation to ever be a science.  Let’s not forget Political Science, which only has a passing reference to science because someone stuck that name on the end.  It too is not a science, never was.  There are no claims that can’t be falsified, can’t be shown to be true.  This is the more better science of which these clowns speak, nothing that can be quantified and tested.  These UN types give morons a bad name.


This is to be world wide, global effort under the leadership of an unelected body of bureaucrats attempting to run the many world governments according to their own dictates, their own philosophies, many of which are incompatible with others.  The push is to use global corporations as if these corporations were far more concerned about social good than their reason for existence, profits.  Somehow this colossal economies of scale attempts is expected to product the greatest good for the greatest number, a sense of perfection where every individual will be equal to every other individual and someone else pays the freight.  Universal education that teaches what?  This is a madness, a waste, and a fraud on such a gigantic scale that rather than reach it’s fulfilment, it’s failures will spark more war and misery.  I think George Orwell would have been both amused and sadden at such a state of self ego building for the few.  When so many regions, countries, and localities differ so widely, this one size fits all approach is a disaster in the making.  Maybe it’s time to end the UN as we know it.  It was conceived as a check on world domination by a few powerful nations and it hasn’t even done that.


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