What Becomes Of the Broken Hearted?

As I walk these empty hallways, thinking about the love I once had, I can’t help but think of those who have suffered broken hearts like mine. Call it unfaithful love it you like, I don’t care, the effect is the same. How do I reclaim that sense of love I once had? What had started out as a joyful expression between two people is now the lamentations of one individual. Are we just fools in love, people who can’t see this painful future?  People, let me tell you something.  Some people just play at love.  That’s right, They want your love but don’t give nothing in return.

I’ve seen too many times.  a man and a woman become interested in each other and one misreads the signs, starts to think that romance is building into true love.  My, My, such happy people, such happy lovers.  Did I tell you about my friend Leon?  Poor fool, thought that little girl was his.  Man, he had it bad, know what I mean?  They met at the club and hit it off real well.  I mean she was giving off the charm, if you know what I mean.  Looking into his eyes and stroking his arm, being very physical in her attractions.  You would have thought he was the only man there by watching her actions.  I mean, he couldn’t do nothing wrong, the fix was in.  What’s a man to think when his advances are met a woman’s advances.  Man, just like a rocket launch, everything was go.  We got us a moon launch.  So what’s it take, a couple of weeks, a month or so, and then what?  She starts to cool off a little bit at a time.

Sherry was her name and collecting scalps was her game.  I told Pete that she was no good, but did he take my advice?  Man got to double down on that love bet, got to make it work if its the last thing he does.  A friend can’t say too much or he destroys that friendship.  Just got to let it ride, you know?  Let the dealer play the house card.  First it was a “girl’s night out” thing.  You know the routine.  They’s got to go out and play the field with their friends.  Got to sit around in bunches and giggle their way thought the night.  Maybe go home with a guy.  You know how it is.  Got to make sure they are still desirable.  Yeah, man, life is all about them.  But I can’t tell Leon that, man, he got to find out for himself.  He got to see the truth about his girl.  Yeah, everybody’s girl, really.  But Leon can’t see yet, moonshine still in his eyes.  and oh lord, does she had that soft voice that men just can’t question.  You know the kind.  Kind of soft and dreamy, bound to make a man loose his mind.  No, man, Not much a friend can say or do.  Just got to ride it out with your friend till he knows he’s a fool.

So leon takes her to the club and she is dancing with everyone except Leon.  Wake up fool, she’s trying to tell you something.  No, you don’t get it.  you’re too much in love.  Damn, man, wake up!  well, by now Leon is about to duke it out with every guy who has thoughts of hitting on Sherry.  But fools in love never see the light till it’s too late.  Then she’s like, right out of Leslie Gore about how he don’t own her and she can make her own decisions and doesn’t need his permission and all that stuff.  Leon is, like, what the hell?  She’s doing the humiliation number on him and he just doesn’t get it. He got to sleep on it, if you know what I mean.  All that money he spent on her, all that time he invested on her, that relationship just blew up in his face a claymore mine.  So Leon is all confused.  Man, he’s got it bad when it comes to her.  How do I explain to Leon that she’s just been playing for a fool?  Maybe I can’t.

So Leon starts carrying the torch for her until his fingers are burnt to a crisp.  I mean, he wants her back under any condition and she won’t acknowledge her past with him.  Kind of sad, if you ask me.  I mean, he’s got to find some kind of piece of man and that just ain’t happening.  Hell, I could of told him.  I’ve been a fool a couple of times in my life.  Always the same, little girl comes into your life and then departs without much explanation.  Yeah, we’re all fools for these little girl.



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