The Look Of Love

Is in your eyes, a look that your smile can’t disguise.  Desmond was day dreaming again as he had done for the hundredth time today.  The clock’s hands seemed to move in time with that song that kept playing in his mind.  Friday afternoon and his production had fallen below standards again.  “I better hustle and get more done before the boss comes round.  Why do I let myself get so distracted like this?”

“Come on Des, get busy.  I can’t cover for you if you don’t help.” Phyllis was talking to him from the next desk in their shared cubical.  “I swear, you’re getting worse every Friday.  Who’s it this time?  Another young thing looking for a sugar daddy?”

Desmond was jolted out of his lethargy.  “I’m sorry, Phyllis.  Guess I really owe you.  See, I just met this girl in my ceramics class last week and she seems interested in me and, well, I guess I have my hopes up.”  He turned back to the work at hand and began working almost feverishly to make up lost time.  The boss came around a quarter to quitting time and gave Desmond a quizzical look.  “You going to make it this afternoon, Desmond?”  Then he walked on down the line of cubicles.  Yes, thought Desmond, I’m going to make it, just barely.  He turned to Phyllis, “Thanks Phil, you’re a good sport.  Don’t know what I’d do with out you.”

“You’d be drawing unemployment and looking for a job.  That’s what you’d be doing.  Des, you got to stop chasing those young ones.  What is it, two, three dates and they’re gone?  And you don’t even get laid.  You got to look around and find someone whose steady and wants you.”

Desmond rose from his chair.  “I know, I know, but I just can’t help it.  If I had any sense I’d probably hit on you.”

“If you had any sense you’d be saving your money, fool.  And like I’d have you.”  Phyllis was thinking to herself, yes, I’d have you if you’d change a little and take life more seriously.  But what am I thinking?”  She fished her purse out of out of her drawer and placed it under her arm.  “That man will be the death of me.” She said out loud as she followed him at a distance.

A look your smile can’t disguise.  Phyllis was smiling as she walked down the street to catch the number 39 bus that would take her home.  A one room flat she shared with another woman out of necessity.  She had known Desmond for two years now.  they had shared conversation and an occasional lunch but he had never asked her out.  “You’d think I’d be smarted than to fall for that dope.  He’s always chasing after the young bimbos and always gets fooled.”

Desmond was on his bus heading in an opposite direction.  He too roomed with another man in an apartment neither could afford by themselves and could barely scrape the rent up each month.  An active social life costs money and Desmond wanted that social life.  “God, I hope it all goes well tonight.  Said she would meet me at the Hungry I at six for happy hour.  I can hardly wait.  Yeah, I feel it, I know she really likes me.  You know, we just might make a good couple.”  He reached his street and stepped off the bus.  A few minutes later he was in the apartment and flinging off his clothes.  “Got to shave, shower, and shit.” He said to himself.  Ten minutes later he was picking out his best denim Levi’s and a fresh shirt and a scarf to go with it.  “Yes sir, I’m looking kind of artsy tonight.  Maybe need the cord type bracelet with the beads every one is wearing.  Got the MJ footwear and I’m set.”  Twenty minutes later he was walking down the street towards the Hungry I feeling good about the night.

Just as he entered the club his date, the girl who called herself Dakota came walking out in the arms of a young man.  They both passed without looking at him.  Desmond started to call out but stopped, his voice refused to work.  “God, what a fool I am.  I thought we might have something in common.”  He went up to the bar and ordered a beer.  “Why waste the money on mixed drinks,” he thought.  Looking around he saw a lot of people but no one he knew.  Five minutes later he was walking out the club and towards the bus stop.  “It’ll be a long weekend.  what a waste.”  On his way home he thought he would call Phyllis and see if she wanted to do anything.  Maybe they could get a pizza and he could cry in his beer.  Or maybe they might actually do something fun.  “Well, it’s worth a shot.”

When he arrived home he looked up Phyllis’s number and called.  “Hi Phil.”

“You got stood up again, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, you were right.  she and some guy just walked right passed me, like I didn’t exist.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.  You didn’t deserve that.”

“Say Phil.  I haven’t eaten yet and I was wondering if you want to catch a pizza or something?”

“Let me get dressed.  You know where I live?”

“Close enough, I can find you.  Say half an hour?”

“Yes, half an hour.  There’s a pizza parlor just around the corner.  They make good crust.”

“Okay, see you in half an hour.”

The look of love is saying so much more than words could ever say.  Desmond showed up a few minutes late but that didn’t matter to Phyllis.  The fact that he actually called and wanted her company, now that was something.  She had put on a skirt and a top with a low neckline, a pair of medium heels, and a hint of perfume.  Casual and yet a little sophisticated.  Maybe he might notice.

And what my heart has heard, well it takes my breath away.  The doorbell rang and she answered.  Desmond was standing there looking a little sheepish. she asked him in.  “Say, you got a nice place here.”

“I share it with another girl, but I did most of the decorating.  Thanks for the compliment.  Shall we be going, it’s just around the corner.”

I can hardly wait to hold you, feel my arms around you.  The pair went into the mom and pop pizza place and ordered  one of the specialties of the house and a pitcher of beer.  They found a small table in a corner and were soon engaged in conservation.  How long I have waited, waited just to love you.  Now that I have found you.  You’ve got the look of love, it’s on your face.  A look that time can’t erase.  The pizza came, they ate a few pieces, mostly they talked.  Be mine tonight, let this be just the start of so many nights like this.  The time flew so quickly for each.  “Phil, this is the best time I’ve had in years.  I never knew we had so much in common.”

“You want to come up for a night cap?”  Let’s take a lover’s vow and seal it with a kiss.  “Sure, I’d love to , perhaps talk a little more.”  Don’t ever go.


2 thoughts on “The Look Of Love

    1. Yes, I write very well. I write non fiction and fiction, although I am better at non fiction. would I follow your Blog? No. I just read through your posts and the only one that was really very interesting was “Flow”. I use to read a lot of physics but that was fifteen years ago. Most of the articles of physics centered on string theory which has proved a bust.

      Now let me ask you a couple of questions. What is your intent in blogging, what are you looking for? Popularity, attention, establishing a reputation? Why did you not fill out the “About” page. If you want people to follow you one of the things you need to do is to tell them who you are. Can I tell who you are just by reading your few posts? No, not really.
      You see, your about page establishes your theme in life. Then you write posts that mirror that theme. If you want to write about scientific discoveries, then avoid religion. If you want to write about social justice and base it from a religious point of view the include posts about religion. People need to understand who you are so that they can identify with you.
      Now you could establish several different categories but you still need a common theme that ties them together.
      If you want to be perceived as a wise man the avoid religion and politics. Instead, talk about philosophy, every culture has plenty of philosophies.
      By the way, your page is difficult to read, you might look at other choices of background, type size, color, and the other factors needed to gather repeat readers.

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