Three Great Problems That Face America Today

I stopped writing about politics, economics, and social problems some time ago.  While a good many individuals love to write and talk about these topics, I found that I was becoming increasingly bored and even depressed with all the nonsense being proffered as intelligent thought.  Besides, it kept me from writing fiction, a sane activity in an insane world.  But with the election and the insanity of the campaigns of idiots swirling about me, the reality of future consequences has raised its ugly multiple heads.  The three great problems, in general terms, are: race or identity politics; the economy, both national and world wide; and political idiocy, better known as liberal progressivism.

The whole point of race or identity politics is that the minority group’s problems are attributed to the majority group’s prejudicial thinking and actions against that minority.  The majority is always labeled as supremacist in their culture or society, thus rigging the “system” against the minority.  Is this a true “fact”.  In a sense, it is.  However, there are limits to such “realities”.  In life, we use discrimination.  It is a learned concept that is based on past experience and accumulated judgments.  If I want to buy an apple I use my past experiences and judgments to pick what looks like the best apple.  Currently I am living in an area where I cannot obtain my favorite apple species.  I don’t like rome or golden delicious or macintosh.  So I don’t buy them.  We do the same when it comes to buying appliances, electronics, automobiles, houses and the neighborhoods we want to live in.  Our ability to chose such items and way of living is dependent on the income we receive from that job we have obtained.  And again, our job is due to a combination of factors or discrimination.  So yes, in a way the system is “rigged”.  I can’t become an astrophysicist unless I have a PhD in astrophysics.  I can’t become a plumber unless I am a member of the union, the various city, state, and even national regulations discriminate against me if I am not a union member.  So much of what is called systematic racism or discrimination (racism has ceased to exist for the greatest majority of Americans) is due to a number of constraints.  Education is one of those constraints as is physical ability.  No one who is wheel chair bound can be a utility lineman.  I’m sorry to break that news, but there is literally no amount of accommodation that will ever make that possible.  One can think of any number of jobs that have limits that will never be surmounted by wave after wave of equality assault.

With this in mind, then what is the major problem with identity politics?  It is an oxymoron.  An exclusive group want inclusion while remaining exclusive.  That is the sole crisis of diversity movements.  We must include all exclusive group members and they must remain exclusive less we lose “diversity”.  Of course we do not stop there.  We mandate that any person from a majority group must not remain exclusive.  That is, it is not okay for them to celebrate their group while the minority groups celebrate their own groups membership.  Well, that’s okay because the majority group has this thing called privilege that must be acknowledged and stamped out.  And of course only the minority groups can correct recognize the majority group’s privilege.  Identity politics has gone from a cottage industry to a full fledged industrial market sector in all its stupidity and insaneness.  But social justice is what you or I or any number of different people say it is regardless of the opinions of others.  Stupid is and stupid does.

Do Black lives matter?  Depends on who you ask and where and under what conditions.  To be quite honest, no.  Black lives do not matter any more than my own or any of my neighbors, who are of different social and ethnic groups.  I didn’t buy my house because this neighborhood was integrated with Hispanics, blacks, Whites, and an oriental family or two.  I bought this house in this neighborhood because it was good value and cheap enough and because the neighborhood is quiet.  The fact of the matter is that most Americans, including Blacks live their individual lives without much thought as to whether Black lives matter.  On the other hand, if you are one of those individuals who compulsively worries about whither Black lives matter then I suggest that you may have mental problem.  But, But, But, the cops are killing Blacks every day.  No, not really.  And most of those are thugs who have challenged the cops by committing crimes or by being very uncooperative.  We should not forget that we obtain compliance with the laws enacted by threat of violence and even death.  We may vote for our law givers and leaders but government only exist by the force necessary to secure it.  Usually citizens cooperate for their own interests in society.  Force is a last resort.

The great problem with Black Lives Matter is that it relies solely on blaming “White Supremacy”.  It is excuses run rampant.  all the failures in the black community are due to everyone else, not to Blacks themselves.  It seeks to remove any responsibility from the black community or black individuals for their conditions in life.  Colin Flaherty, among others, has raised this aspect of Black community and its typical response to the problems of “Black people living in white America”.  Tommy Sotomayor echos much of this thought but from a black prospective.  I could list list you a dozen or more blogs written by black men who have come to the conclusion that the black “condition” in society is mostly of their own making.  Now understand these sites vary according to their individual understandings and biases.  Some are quite anti-white and yet are telling the black community to shape up and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions.  But what almost all progressives do not understand is the this inner city community, if one can call it a community, is more like a plantation of slaves.  That may seem a bet extreme built it is an apt analogy.  Criminal psychologists will tell you that most of the black inmates of the various prisons and jails have the emotional maturity of a ten to twelve year old child.  They are impulsive and without moral training.  Michael brown, the so called gentle giant, was seen to exhibit such a mentality on tape and in his actions.  the fact is that in those ghettos, whether they be Ferguson Mo, or chicago or any other such places, the lack of fathers in a stable household to provide some sort of moral model is a major factor in a male and female child’s development.  Ever since the welfare hand outs since the 1965 great society programs that encouraged females to stay at home in exchange for welfare payments as funneled by the federal government through the states welfare offices had encouraged the destruction of the black family structure.  Indeed, in order to collect aide to dependent children the mother must be abandoned, no male living in the household.  This marginalized the black male and it assured that the black family structure was marginalized as well.

So what are we left in the black community?  Multiple generations where government handouts are the de facto income for a society.  But perhaps the ultimate problem for the black community in such inter city areas and extra city ghettos is that education is seen as a weakness.  The strange thing about white and Latino Felons is that they will avail themselves for the most part of what ever education is available so as to have some opportunity for employment when their time is up.  Black men and women, on the other hand almost always reject any educational opportunity while incarcerated.  You see, if your social pecking order is based on physical prowess rather than intellectual ability then even the weakest of such individual members of that society will value that broad social skill.  In other words, Black males will reject any educational opportunity, they will opt for violence as the social order, and will always tend to be the equivalent of a ten or twelve year old in mental maturity.  Think about this prospect.  Approximately half of the black male population is in this predicament and thus consigned to a life of brutality.  The sad part is that most of these men cannot be reached and changed.  Black Lives Matter is about all the free shit they can commandeer from the rest of America.  You might as well have called them “Guilt Incorporated”.

Now let us turn our collective eyes upon the various economies of the world.  We may lay the blame for the world’s economic problems that exist now and in the future to Lyndon B Johnson.  America could not pay for the War On Poverty, NASA missions to the moon, and the Vietnam War during his presidency.  Unfortunately Richard Nixon was left holding the bag and through some very bad economic advice, took the US off the gold standard and the world followed suit.  Since that time the US and the western world have discovered “CREDIT”.  That process was slow at first but began to accelerate to the current madness we have today.  And what we called the third world have even tried to catch up to our rates of credit expansion.  China has surpassed the rest of the world although their record keeping and “Official” statistics are so patently false that the true start of affairs is not and perhaps never will be known.  But they learned from us when we started keeping book on the country’s economy and our politicians wanted changes in the collection and manipulation of the data.  Our unemployment statistics no more reflect the true rate of unemployment than the astrological signs indicate personality and daily routines.

You see, we have moved from a currency system where the value of the currency is based on a fixed standard to one that is based of government fiat.  And ounce of gold will vary depending on its supply and demand but it did define the value of a currency.  Unbalanced imports and exports would send currency values up or down in relationship to other currencies.  Within the boundaries of a country other factors affect the value of the currency.  Food supplies, raw materials, manufactured goods, consumer goods, and financial services all play a part in reflecting the value of a currency within a country’s boarders.  But remove that fixed standard, whether it be gold or silver or some other scarce commodity and the value floats against the trade within a country and without.  Where once any denomination of US currency could be exchanged at any one of the Federal Reserve Banks for a set amount of gold or silver, now we can exchange them for more of the same currency.  Our money, those dollar bills you hold in your hand, are Federal Reserve Notes or debt.  Currency has always be a confidence game, it is a third party transaction in a barter system.  If I grow wheat and you raise cattle, how many bushels of wheat do I have to give you for one cow?  What if you don’t want wheat but rice?  Then I must either find someone willing to sell me a cow for my wheat or find a way to convert my wheat into the commodity you want for your cow.  An agreed upon currency, that medium of transactional value, is how we do business today.  As long as its value is stable then all is well.

But what happens when the value of of currency is what the government tells us it is?  This was the problem in Germany and Austria between the two world wars.  It was the problem with Argentina in the twentieth century and now other countries in the world.  Inflation, when the rate of increase becomes high enough and long enough can cause hyper inflation.  Hyper inflation is caused by a lack of confidence in the local currency.  Go off a monetary standard of value to a fiat standard (an oxymoron to say the least) and individuals may lose confidence in the value, that ability to exchange units of currency for goods and services.  Not to worry, you think, no hyper inflation here.  Oh really?  Yes, there are those experts who keep telling us that credit is not money and they are right but only in a technical sense.  One can spend credit just like money.  But credit, once spent becomes debt while money doesn’t unless it is fiat money.  As long as the issuing government doesn’t ask you or me to pay our taxes and fees in gold, government fiat is has value.  If I pay my taxes in government fiat and the government accepts that payment then that fiat currency is worth the relative value the government says it’s worth.

Ah, but there’s a catch.  Is the government the only one who controls the value of fiat currency?  No, businesses and consumers also determine the value of such fiat.  How so?  I bought my first house for $16,500 in the silicon valley back in 1972.  That house today is “worth” or valued in today’s currency value $675,000, give or take a few thousand.  Pity I don’t still own it now.  In fifty four years that house has increased in “Value” some 410%.  And the greatest rise in price came in the last twenty years.  How did that happen?  Simple supply and demand?  No, currency manipulation through the use of excessive credit.  And what is credit?  The ability to buy now and pay later, pure and simple.  Debt is a claim on future earnings.  In a period of rising inflation debt becomes easy to acquire and pay off.  But in deflation, debt is a bitch.  But, But, But, there is not inflation today, the government says so.  Then why have assets risen so quickly and so steeply in the last twenty years?  I have never seen a year where food prices did not rise.  I remember being able to pay five bucks a pound for porterhouse steak fifteen years ago and not it goes for thirteen bucks a pound.  Oh, that can’t be inflation.  And twenty years ago, it was only three dollars a pound.  Yes, supply and demand play a part in the rise in price as does the increase in population.  But with unofficial unemployment hovering around twelve percent, why are housing prices still so high?  People who don’t have an income usually don’t buy houses.  But all this is on a personal level.

On a commercial level, which includes the international level for both business and government, “CREDIT” has become the unruly seven eyed monster.  We now have “Financial Engineering” (another oxymoron) through derivatives of sundry kinds.  We have gigantic debt packages issued by multiple banks and governments that exceed the wildest dreams of many a US Senator back in the early fifties.  As was once said of spending bills in congress, a million here, a million there and it soon adds up to real money.  The US Army can’t account for a measly 16 billion in funds, no big deal, not real money.  Most of the too big to fail banks in the would economy are under capitalized, meaning that they have let out far more than they have in assets.  If we were to value their assets in market values instead of unicorns, a great many are are guilty of lending out almost double their assets.  Remember, debt is always repaid.  Either the debtor repays what has been borrowed or the creditor loses his capital.  It is a zero sum transaction.  The world’s economy, that is, add up all the economic activity or the individual country GDPs, is around 90 trillion in dollar value.  The total world debt, and to be sure so much of it is hidden so our figure must be smaller that the reality, is estimated at 300 trillion.  The central bank madness combines with government stupidity, all driven by Keynesian economic principles, has produced excessive government spending (free lunch socialism), central bank injections of money into an asset driven race for high returns, and depressed interest rates that are zero, plus or minus a few basis points, that drive the race for high risk investment, well, the end will not be pretty.

Now interest rates reflect the tive value of money.  What is a dollar worth tomorow compared to today.  If interest rates ave very low I can borrow far more than i could reasonably expect to repay because their is limited risk that I would default.  In a way, it’s like having free money.  I can always borrow more to pay off what comes due today.  Money for nothing, sure, that’s the way it should be.  Central banks have lowered the interest rate to zero and then bought up government bonds (government deficit spending) and are indulging in buying corporate bonds (corporate deficit spending that largely goes to buy back its own stock to make earnings per share look great).  Of course the little people don’t have that luxury.  A great many individuals in the western world are mortgaged to the neck and can’t buy any more debt.  and as their wages decline in the relational value of fiat money, consumer spending drops and when consumer spending drops so does business output.  All we need is a single straw for our financial house of cards world wide to tumble.  Guess what?  We are almost there.  I mean this year, next year, not ten years from now.

Finally we come to political idiocy.  A great number of sincere individuals identify with the ideal of progressive political thought or progressive liberalism.  The major problem is that this “Liberalism” is not the old classic liberalism that was responsible for the 17th and 18th century enlightenment.  Power to the people has morphed into power to the government, the old tory standard.  Big government is needed for big empires.  Where one would argue that there were limits to the royal prerogatives and individuals were blessed universally with individual freedoms vested by god (and not the church, state owned or not), the tory’s believed that both the royalty and the nobility had a duty to govern govern as they saw fit since the rabble, meaning those without property, couldn’t be trusted to do the right thing.  Prosperous farmers, businessmen and professionals would have recourse to power but through the nobility.  Being a liberal meant that one fought for justice, freedom, and self determinism.  While the rabble may not have had the best judgment, they were still to be accorded the right to their own thoughts and decisions, within reason, of course.  Representative government through a republican style leadership was a safeguard against the tyranny of the democratic mob.  It should be stated that no form of government is ever fool proof and our elected politicians are proof positive.

The “New Progressivism” with its attendant “New Liberalism” bias sounds so good, can it really be true?  What could be wrong with wanting to make “Things” better?  The ideological assumption is really based on religion.  “Oh Heavens!” you say.  How could that be?  Simple, the basic assumption is that the world is broken or at least in need of fixing.  Its people are imperfect and can be set on the path to perfection just by letting the state or big government through its anointed few correctly govern the masses.  Unlike religious dogma where perfection can only be achieved in the city of god, perfection can be achieved here on earth in the cities of mere mortals.  It’s the same argument.  Did you ever notice in all the religious tracts such as Milton’s Paradise Lost that when the faithful are saved each individual knows exactly his or her status and place in life.  And all are guided by the spirit of god.  The same is true of Marx’s ideal state of communism.  Once the despots and tyrants are deposed and the people are sufficiently practiced in the ways of communism, the dictatorship will be lifted and all will be governed by the spirit of communism and my little pony.

By this same manner through a number of strategies such as diversity, where everyone is equally valued and no differences will be permitted between each diversity citizen, we shall all be overcome by the spirit of unicorns.  We will value each other equally and if we don’t, well there are ways to make us.  Now interestingly enough, so much of this is pushed not but starving activists but by millionaire socialists or at least want to be millionaire socialists.  Of course one way to enact this new state of nirvana is through wealth transfer.  But that is usually from the middle class to the poor.  Your tax dollars at work that make sure the free shit army has their share of your wealth.  Or course the rich are exempt from such attempts to rob them of their wealth.  And while a few politicians may decry the movement of jobs to poor countries, that is really just an attempt to place the blame on evil corporations and CEOs.  It is a wealth transfer from a richer country to a poorer country.  Free markets, which were never entirely free by the way, have become regulatory nightmares.  Capitalism, which was the ideal for free markets has become mercantile cronyism abetted by government bureaucracy.  Even the old charities have become foundations based solely of the raising of funds so as to employ a wealthy class of professions while doling out to those whom it may deem worthy to bestow a few coins here and there.  The Clinton foundation is the crowning glory of such charity work where money is raised in a dubious manned and twelve or thirteen cents out of every dollar collected is dolled out to the “worthy poor” and the rest goes to pay individuals handsome salaries, bonuses, generous benefits for friends and family of the Clintons.  I wish I knew how to be a clinton friend, I could sure use the money.

Friends, this is how a fascist government takes over.  A little social democracy here, some state takeover there, and the next thing you know all us peons are dealing with the consequences.  In Nazi Germany, the National socialists took over by way of promising economic stability then prosperity, and liberty and justice.  If one was rich he did not fear the Nazis for they needed him.  Toe the party line and your wealth was safe.  Same thing in Italy.  Okay, so a few industries get nationalized but the owners get some compensation because they knew how to run the factories and other businesses.  Now we are heading for a New World Order headed by the likes of multi billionaires such as George Soros.  Of course those politicians who like socialism are on board with such programs.  Yep, Hillary is a raving socialist.  Don’t ever doubt that.  And to make sure that she and Bill have a place in the running of the world they are doing their very best to accumulate their billion or two.  Money is power and lots of money is lots of power.  The US Senate prior to the passage of the 17th amendment was appointed by either the state governor or the state legislature or both.  It was called the Millionaires Club because most of its Senators who bought their seat.  Now the only individuals in both houses of congress who aren’t millionaires are the newly elected.  Perhaps our government might be better run and us better serves if it were run by those individuals who had renounced worldly goods and taken a vow of poverty.  Oh, but that would be a theocracy, wouldn’t it?  I’m afraid the human condition is doomed to extinction in the near future.


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