Thirty Days In The Hole

Now that Mr Trump has been elected by the Electoral College and confirmed by Congress we now have the thirty day count down until he takes the oath of office and is sworn in as the President of the United States.  Of course the progressives and the establishment Democrats along with the Never Trumpers continue to plot his downfall and the revival of the republic under the corruption of cronyism politics.  Can’t say that I blame them since there is a fair chance that a great many will have to find real jobs and with their skills that won’t be easy.  His Great Fatness, Michael Moore, having failed to convince more than two faithless electors to vote other than Trump will have some last ditch effort at futility before contemplating a move to Canada.  He should feel at home since their one dollar coin is called the “Looney”, it has a graven image of a loon on one face.  I would not be surprised to find a new issue with Moore’s likeness on the opposite side.  Roger and me and the loon makes three.


The main stream media, having not learned anything from the election and the revolt of the peasants against the crony corporate and politico masters, will go all out in a wave of stupidity to invalidate Mr Trump victory.  They are playing a losing hand, aces and eights.  Meanwhile mainstream America is turning to other news sources, ones often called Alt-right but in reality are far more independent and far less progressive.  It seems we miss Uncle Cronkite as he wished us good night and good luck.  CBS has lost its connection to independent and honest news reporting, the corporate masters being billionaires intent on serving pablum to the populace.  Only no one is dining.  Paddy Chayefsky, what have you wrought?  “Network” has reached beyond its original premise of reality television and pushed the boundaries of news, information, and entertainment beyond the dystopian dream.


Trump has shown us how the master marketer and salesman with a propensity to size up his opposition to a tee and sell the the George Washington Bridge, is more than fit for office.  The world of political and corporate interests, one may wonder which has the upper hand and I’m sure it is a tie at the moment, competes for the power and the glory which so many of the faithful seek.  The powers that be speak of limiting Mr Trump’s influence and power.  I think they dost protest too much.  Politics has often been describes as horse trading and while many politicos believe they are the consummate horse traders, they have yet to meet the likes of Mr Trump.  True, the president’s power has limits but due to checks and balances, so does Congress,  the  Supreme court will soon have a more conservative judge appointed and confirmed and possibly another two more, judges ain’t getting any younger.


Yes, Mr trump will find that not everything is negotiable, not all deals are doable.  That is a reality of life.  But if one is entitled to indulge in a bit of speculation one might consider that the hall marks of Mr Trump’s administration is that both political parties will implode and suffer change that should make them more amenable to their supporters.  This is not an inconsiderable feat.  Just as Teddy Roosevelt changed the direction of the republican party and caused the Democrats to choose Wilson as their standard bearer, a throwback towards the era of slavery and second class citizenship for blacks, so Trump will marginalize Obama and the effete progressives he has represented.  Mr Trump just might go down as one of the most effective Presidents in our history.  But a caveat.  His ability to control outcomes is limited.  Mr Market suffers as nobody’s fool.  He is the joker in the deck and will directly affect Mr Trump’s policies.  Still, the next four years shall be interesting.


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