So Much Stupidity, So Little Time To Educate

Ah, International Woman’s Day is here and here I am reading so many articles of stupidity and ignorance.Why am I not surprised? Could it be that so little science, in particular biological science, and so little in mathematics are taught in all levels of education these days that we so easily fall prey to ideologies that fit our emotions rather than our reasoning? But then I might as well ask: “When was the last time the world was ruled by logic, order, and reason?” Silly me, the enlightenment has only encouraged the growth of ideologies (which are grounded in ignorance, belief, and emotion) that appeal to the ignorant, both professional and amature.

I suppose I should learn to keep my mouth shut but that would make me complicit in the most heinous crime of deliberately spreading ignorance and stupidity. Popularity has never been my strong suit. So when I read some idiot, even if he is a successful idiot, I must call him to task. Since when is intelligence and talent distributed evenly across the world? And how, exactly do you distribute opportunity? Please, show me the data, name your sources, educate me as to how all of this has been discovered. The literature on intelligence shows that there is no equal distribution of it across the entire world. That is, the IQ group averages show differences between groups. You can find that information in the published data, studies, and literature. And there is the problem of within group differences as well. For caucasians in the US, the average IQ is approximately 100 and approximately 68% of that population are within the first standard deviation. The range is 84 to 116 on the Stanford-Binet scale.

So IQ is one of the most intensively studied subjects, the gold standard for research. Talent is a different matter. Why might that be? Well, is there a really good definition for talent? What about its measure? How then might we say that talent is equally distributed across the world without saying that talent is so ordinary a quality or virtue that its description is useless, it describes little or nothing. And what does all this have to do with opportunity? How does one distribute opportunity? Ah, it must be the good fairy of opportunity who has knowingly or unknowingly, willfully or not, distributed opportunity with the inaccurate wave of her wand upon the populations of the world. So it must be either a chance distribution or a contrived distribution. If the latter then we may conclude that opportunity is controlled by some group of humans for nefarious purposes and thus, good laws shall make all opportunity equally distributed.

Of, the shit is getting deep. It all ranks up there with happiness engineering. I shudder to contemplate that academic coursework. Yet, there we are, the new world order of business opportunity. Work from home. I remember those adds in the various magazines I read in the fifties and sixties. Make fabulous money by working from home, just a few hours week. Most were scams, pay your dime and find out the really money was conning people out of their dimes with scams like the one you just paid for. Today we have similar scams about making money from home using your computer or laptop. It is the new twist on multi-level marketing. Make comments on blog replies, send email spam, and otherwise push your web page to sucker dummies into signing up to do the same thing your are doing. Oh, and it’s not even paying minimum wage.

Now I find out from Entrepreneur Magazine in an article written by Jayson DeMers, founder and CEO of AudienceBloom, neither of which I can find on Wikipedia, that the average entrepreneur is a white 30 year old from a wealthy family. The data came from the Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City. That set of a few alarms since I have a degree in business management as well as one in psychology and one in engineering. Back in the mid seventies one of the most useful classes I ever took was one on small business. It was taught not by some professor but by several small businessmen who were successful. No theory, no bullshit, just the facts of life as an owner of a small business. The local dry cleaners, the local auto mechanic shop, even the local pawn shop. Well, life has changed and there are few small businesses in the city anymore. The big money is in social media working from home. Is it really. Do you really want to make big money? Get yourself a KFC franchise. You will work sixty to eighty hours a week for the next five years, but then you will be making the kind of money that allows you the hire assistant managers and cut back to a simple 40 hour work week. And guess what, you better have half a million to put into the business if you don’t own the land.

On the other hand there are plenty of individuals who start their own businesses every year, although 9 out of 10 will fail within the first two years. These people aren’t sitting at home doing social media, either. Auto mechanics who have the various certifications trying to find their niche in the market of auto repair. Some do only mufflers or breaks while other specialize in the older vehicles and patrons who can’t afford the dealers repair scams. Some are welders, pipe, production, repair services, while there are plumbers and electricians. Machine shops are always opening up doing the various computerized machining jobs while copy shops open here and there. You know, there are so many opportunities to open small businesses, well, it just boggles the mind. And yet most of them fail within two years, why is that? Poor planning. When you don’t own the property where your business is sited, rental rates squeeze every last penny out of your profits and you need a profit to stay in business. When you fail to secure enough capital or operating expenses to last at least two years, you run out of operating capital or expense money. Then you may have picked the wrong location where there is too much competition or not enough foot traffic or increasing city and county and state regulations that bleed your business dry. This is basic entrepreneurship, not the high tech stuff. The funny thing about going high tech is that it is a lot like winning the lottery. For every start up idea, one in a thousand or so ever make it and the entrepreneur sells out early for far less that the multiple millions that his startup will actually command. And social media is still the big con game that the work from home scans were in my youth.

You see, social media, in order to make any “profit” from it, must sell something and that something is advertising. True, WordPress is a social media site per se, but I had to option to exclude advertising from my content, hence, I do not make a penny from this site. But let us say for the moment I am like many others here and I add the advertising and perhaps I sell coffee mugs and tee-shirts and such. I still need “foot traffic” as they say in retail. I need to generate “view statistics”, paying viewers, if you will. That means I now have to design and write the type of copy that attracts viewers, loyar viewers. I need subscribers, too. Ain’t nobody gonna pay me a dime if I can’t show that large numbers of people come to my site and perhaps spend their money buying my advertisers stuff. And you know what? That would require me to work for less than minimum wage. So dear viewer, whoever you are, no advertising for you.


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